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Newest Newsletter: March 17, 2018
Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2018. Print copies shipping now. Ebook formats available now here.

White Mountain Publications is a small Northern Ontario press specializing in non-fiction especially local histories. Book Lists are in the dropdown button at the top of the page. We're celebrating 20 years on the web and this is the first major overhaul in at least 10 years. If you're having trouble finding what you want on the site, please let us know. This mobile-friendly format is new to us as well.

For more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the store, go here; for general FAQ about the company, go here. If you know the title, use this list. If you know the genre, use this list. If you are searching by subject, topic or author on this site, Google search of wmpub.ca this Google Search bar can assist you. Our Features and Upcoming Releases are below, as are the current Favorites.

Features and Upcoming Releases

A Northern Hope Stephen Lafricain, The Grand Old Man of the River The Summer of 1956 Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2018 Learning 9 to 4 Selected Chapters of Temiskaming History


Cobalt, The Cradle of Hard Rock Mining in Canada Missing in Cobalt Just Passing Through Highway Book Shop Temiskaming Treasure Trails set

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