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The Ink of Light

1027  The Ink of Light Impressive poetry from St. Catharines poet Patricia Abram $11.95

Chronicles of Hudson Township I've Got To Stop Here Until I'm Called For -Chronicles of Hudson Township Includes the pre-European settlement, early homesteading, lumbering, agricultural development, mineral exploration and other topics including a survey of all lots organized by concessions. $25

Iron Mining At Bessemer

1198  Iron Mining at Bessemer, 1899-1914 by Dave Hanes. Mining communities like this one in Mayo township, near Bancroft, Ontario, dotted our province during the 1800s and early 1900s, each one similar but each also with its own characters and stories to tell. $44.95

It Started At Creighton Mine

1063  It Started At Creighton Mine by Rolf Staude. A Memoir ~ an autobiographical account of an immigrant in the 1950s who starts at the now-closed Creighton Mine in Sudbury, ON $24.95


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