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New Era Symphony

1132  New Era Symphony beautiful new poetry from Michael Fitzgerald. $11.95 Also available as an ebook.

Northern Calling

7981  Northern Calling The Northern Telephone Story 1905-1995 by John R. Hunt. The first ninety years of Northern Telephone from its beginning in Temiskaming. $15.00

A Northern Hope

1164  A Northern Hope One Family's Life in Cobalt and Haileybury 1904-1928 by Debra North. Beginning with the birth of her maternal grandparents William Ferris and Rachel Johnston, in Scotland, in the 1870s, it follows them through their early years and my grandfather's experiences in the Boer War (1899-1902), their immigration to Canada beginning in 1903 and their settling in Cobalt in 1904. It recounts the family's life during Cobalt's Silver Rush which occurred, from 1904 to the early 1920s. Family history is followed through World War II. Documented with 430 pictures, many of which have never been published before, this book makes fascinating insights into life in northeastern Ontario in the early twentieth century.< $37.95

Northern Hues

1085  Northern Hues ~NOPC Vol. 6 (2001) by Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Northern Ink

1086  Northern Ink ~NOPC Vol. 7 (2002) by Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Northern Ontario Speaks

1098  Northern Ontario Speaks ~NOPC Vol. 19 (2014) by Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Northern Treasures

1032  Northern Treasures Poems from Temiskaming's poet laureate Ann Margetson. $7.95

Northern Troubadour

1140  Northern Troubadour Collection of the poems and songs of Jim Sargent. $11.95


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