White Mountain Publications Book List in Alphabetical Order

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Walking Mountain

8091  Walking Mountain A novel by Terry Cassidy set in 1903 when one terrifying night ninety million tons of rock descend on a British Columbia town. $14.95

Wanapitei Canoe Trippers Cookbook 3

1056  Wanapitei Canoe Trippers Cookbook III Nutritious Wilderness Cooking for Fun, the Environment, and You by Carol Hodgins. The long-awaited revision and re-print of the Wanapitei canoe Trippers' Cookbooks. Camping strategies, great and easy food preparation and recipes for the canoe trip. Advice on almost everything you will need for your trip. $24.95

They Lived A Life and Then Some

8092  We Lived A Life And Then Some The Life, Death and Life of a Mining Town. by Charlie Angus. Insightful and still going strong overview of the history of Cobalt. $19.95

We Were There-McCool School

7979  We Were There McCool School, Kerns Township Memories from a reunion in August 1992. Reprint by Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum. $18.00

What Are You Doing Here

8085  What Are You Doing Here? by Walter Mittler. An autobiography of a Austrian World War II survivor. Also available in Ebook formats. $23.95

Whispering Words NOPC Vol 8

1087  Whispering Words -NOPC Vol. 8 (2003) by Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

The Winter Men

1166  The Winter Men by Brit Griffin. A taut thriller set in a post-apocalyptic Northern Ontario darkened by permanent winter. $19.95

The Winter Men II

1169  The Winter Men II ~Into The Deep Dark by Brit Griffin. Another thriller in Griffin's eco-catastrophic adventure series taking readers on a thrilling ride through a dystopic north, with a gang of strange characters fuelled by adrenalin and gut instincts. Johnny Slaught and his ragtag group of climate change refugees are just trying to survive in a north plunged into endless winter. $22.95

Write Soon and Often

Write Soon and Often, The Story of a Bomber Pilot Through His Letters Home by Andy Thomson. The story of World War II pilot Donald Plaunt re-created through his extensive letters and enriched by interviews with family and comrades makes this a unique biography of the uncle he never knew.

Writing in Brief

1141  Writing in Briefby Michael Fitzgerald offers guidelines for better creative writing and magazine nonfiction. A condensed course in effective writing, suitable for individual, workshop, or class room study. $5.00 Also available in Ebook formats.

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