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Davf's Notes

Davf's Notes stories and poetry by Leslie Belland $11.95 EBook

Fortune's Fool

Fortune's Fool A murder mystery by Terry Cassidy $19.95

Lelelawala A Legend of the Maid of the Mist

Lelelawala A Legend of the Maid of the Mist A re-telling by Lini R. Grol of the legend of Niagara Falls' Maid of the Mist. $12.00

Magic Gifts

Magic Gifts by Lini R. Grol. Three short Christmas stories together in one hard cover book with those fabulous scissor cut graphics make a wonderful short story collection. $10.00

Missing in Cobalt

Missing in Cobalt by Terry Cassidy. A murdered girl's body was found in an abandoned Cobalt silver mine in 1949. Forty-five years later James Thorpe, a retired journalist, finds he has to re-create his past in order to solve the puzzle of what happened to his family in the aftermath of that discovery. EBook $14.95

Mud, Muskeg & Mosquitoes ~The Life and Legacy of a Northern Ontario Pioneer

Mud, Muskeg & Mosquitoes ~The Life and Legacy of a Northern Ontario Pioneer. by Diane Armstrong. Available as hard cover ($32.95) or paperback ($19.95) as well as EBook


8107  Obliteration, When Cultures Collide in North Ontario a novel by Brian C Mitchell. Set in Northern Ontario in the fictional town of Matamiskin, troubled teen Ben Thomson experiences the pain of growing up in an isolated rural village where ignorance, racism and violence threaten the most vulnerable—indigenous and white. $18.75

Of Love and Laughter

Of Love and Laughter Lini R. Grol's collection of poetry and short stories to warm the heart.$5.95

Private Soldier

Private Soldier by Terry Cassidy. Based on a factual narrative of an infantry battalion in the 4th Canadian Armoured Division in World War II. $11.95 EBook


Quarantine a novel by Terry Cassidy. Set in 1994, young Wat Moore is caught up in a devastating situation while visiting his father's laboratory in Ottawa. When it's believed that he has been exposed to a deadly and highly contagious pathogen, the government sends him into a quarantine that could last the rest of his life. $14.95 EBook

Secrets in the Snow

Secrets in the Snow--The Search for the Stolen Silver by Paul Bateman. An engaging mystery about missing silver, the power of dreamland symbols, the internet, and a group of curious youth out to solve this mystery set in north-eastern Ontario locales of Temagami, Cobalt and Haileybury. $11.95

Spitting From High Places

Spitting From High Places by Verna Bednarski. The story of six friends, each woman possessing very different and sometimes conflicting personalities, who pack themselves into a resurrected old van along with a load of camping gear, and take off on a rollicking road trip across Canada. $18.95

The Summer of 1956~a hot summer in the Cold War by Harry Kleinhuis have Kenny, Bobby and Jake caught up in a clandestine supply run for the Cold War radar stations when they become a a little too curious at the North Bay airport. Adventure, survival, and their reliance on one another make it the summer they will never forget, and really can't talk about either. $11.95

Tales From The Niagara Peninsula A fantasy collection of four short stories set in the Niagara Peninsula by Lini R. Grol $12.00

Tales of a Handyman

Tales of a Handyman a Collection of Poems, Essays and Short Stories by Mike Camp $12.00

Walking Mountain

Walking Mountain A novel by Terry Cassidy set in 1903 when one terrifying night ninety million tons of rock descend on a British Columbia town. $14.95

The Winter Men

1166  The Winter Men by Brit Griffin. A taut thriller set in a post-apocalyptic Northern Ontario darkened by permanent winter. $19.95

The Winter Men II

1169  The Winter Men II ~Into The Deep Dark by Brit Griffin. Another thriller in Griffin's eco-catastrophic adventure series taking readers on a thrilling ride through a dystopic north, with a gang of strange characters fuelled by adrenalin and gut instincts. Johnny Slaught and his ragtag group of climate change refugees are just trying to survive in a north plunged into endless winter. $22.95

With Love From Holland

With Love From Holland Poetry and Short Stories together with those fabulous scissor cut graphics make a wonderful short story collection to read over and over again. by Lini Grol $5.95

Canadian Writer's Journal ~Short Fiction Winners~
Choice Works Compilations

Choice Works- Vol 15 Choice Works Vol 15 CWJ September 2006~April 2010 Short Fiction Collection by the winners of the CWJ Short Fiction Competition $18.95

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