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African Destiny 1029

African Destiny Eleanor Harding takes us on a real-life voyage of discovery in following her daughter's decision to pioneer to Africa. The experiences of the young Susan Harding (now Sheper) in Africa helped her parents in Canada to rediscover their own spiritual longings, their own destiny even as she discovered hers.


Harding, Eleanor
Bill Bramah's Ontario Vol 5 1039

Bill Bramah's Ontario Vol.V Bill specialized in the off-beat, the up-beat news that gave his regular viewers hope and humour twice a week for 22 years. This was the compilation of the last in his series.

was $17.95 now $5.00

Bramah, Bill & Dora
Booyah 8039

Booyah-The Memories of An Old Rink Rat The Life and Times of Don Pecore


Casablanca 1058

Casablanca In the Last Days of French Morocco As a young Bahá'í pioneer in Casablanca, Hawley brings a unique perspective to the upheaval as the French regime is overthrown in the 1950s.


Hawley, D Springer
Dreams, Nightmares and Dreams Again 1018

Dreams, Nightmares and Dreams Again This autobiographical account by this extraordinary lady spans from the early days of World War II as the wife of a diplomat in Portugal, to her later years as a Bahá'í pioneer in Brazil, Martinque, and Canada. Of Hungarian origin and education, she brings a unique view of her life, and of the Bahá'í Faith.


Szepesi, Angela
From Romance to Reality 1192

From Romance to Reality ~Stories of Canadian WW II War Brides A collection of stories told by the World War II war brides themselves who came to Canada from Britain and Holland.


O'Hara, Peggy
Highway Book Shop 1033

Highway Book Shop~Northern Ontario's Unexpected Treasure. A history of this unique book store in Ontario's northland. Also available as EBook


Pollard, Lois
It Started At Creighton Mine 1063

It Started At Creighton Mine A Memoir powerfully written by a new Canadian in the 1950s who came to work in the the now-closed Creighton Mine in Sudbury, ON


Staude, Rolf
Just Passing Through 1025

Just Passing Through ~The People and the Places North of Matachewan Frank Holley shares his memories of his time in the Matachewan area with the prospectors, trappers, and traders from late 1920s to the 1950s, when the area was scouted for mineral wealth, and people living in the bush lived off the land, a 'long' way from settled parts.


Holley, Frank
Loves Me, Loves Me Not 8984

Loves Me, Loves Me Not an autobiograpical account of the impact and aftermath of a car accident.


Loach, Johanne
Mud, Muskeg & Mosquitoes ~The Life and Legacy of a Northern Ontario Pioneer 1149

Mud, Muskeg & Mosquitoes ~The Life and Legacy of a Northern Ontario Pioneer. EBook


Armstrong, Diane
Prison of Self 1148

The Prison of Self From her diary of teaching experiences to inmates at the Niagara Regional Detention Centre.


Bryan, Verna J.
The Cold Wind in the WinterThe Pleasant Summer SunThe Sunset and the Morning 1193
Set- Muriel Newton-White

Muriel Newton-White set of autobiographical account of life in the 1930s after the Great Fire of 1922. Three books:
Cold Wind in the Winter
The Pleasant Summer Sun
The Sunset in the Morning

$9.95 each

Newton-White, Muriel
What Are You Doing Here? 8085

What Are You Doing Here? The autobiography of an Austrian World War II survivor.


Mittler, Walter

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