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Moose Factory Cree 8078

Leadership Creating a Positive Work Environment. Effective methods to relieve stress, become effective in your work and have a workplace people are proud to call their own.


Gisèle Chrétien
Moose Factory Cree 1147

Moose Factory Cree Return of a much-loved introduction to Cree syllabics. Includes 2 CDs.


Turner, Daisy
Spiritual Intelligence 1038

Spiritual Intelligence~A Practical Guide for Personal Happiness Human happiness is founded upon spiritual behavior. Spiritual Intelligence empowers you to assert self-control and achieve personal happiness. The original book of its kind outlining ways to balance mind, body and soul.


Khavari, Khalil
Women's Talk 1037

Women's Talk Conway speaks directly to women, urging, enabling and empowering them to don the mantle as catalysts of change.


Conway, Florence

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