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I have listed these here, because although they are historical to some extent, primarily they are collections of pictures. If you have a different suggestion as to how to list them, let me know.

Early Farm Implements

Early Farm Implements by Hanes. Dave. Photographs capturing the sheer strength and energy of early farm implements through the north-eastern parts of Canada and the United States. $24.95

Lighthouses of Eastern Canada

Lighthouses of Eastern Canada The Seafarer's Guiding Lights. Part One: Manitoulin Island to Eastern Ontario by Dave Hanes. His journey of photographic preservation begins on Manitoulin Island in the North Chanel of Lake Huron. From there he ventured east to the Ottawa River and photographed as many as possible. $12.95

Photographing the Past

Photographing the Past by Dave Hanes. Photographs, primarily in the Bancroft area, capturing some of Ontario's pioneer past. $24.95

Pioneer Days in Old Ontario

Pioneer Days in Old Ontario by Dave Hanes. A collection of beautiful photographs chronicling some of Ontario's pioneer past. $24.95

Slices of Temiskaming

Slices of Temiskaming Laura Landers' collection of paintings over the years entitled Slices of Temiskaming is captured in this volume, highlighting many of the most-loved spots in the Temiskaming area. [Aussi en français -Tableaux du Témiskaming] $24.95

Tableaux du Temiskaming

Tableaux du Témiskaming Á travers ses commentaires personnels et ses illustrations, Laura Landers vous révèle les charmes du Témiskaming et de ses environs. [Aussi en anglais: Slices of Temiskaming.] $24.95

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