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Youth and Children



Book Titles



Backhouses of the North 7906

Backhouses of the North -Philosophy, humour and wonderful drawings are combined to give the reader a nostalgic look at the history of the "Biffy".


Newton-White, Muriel E
Aspire To Excellence 1011

Aspire to Excellence Bahá'í primer designed to deepen understanding of the Bahá'í Faith.


Mahler-Hielscher, Maboubé
Did You Ever Wonder 1143

Did You Ever Wonder...A Story of the Báb as a Child is a children's story about the Báb as a Child. The Báb (1819-1850) is the Forerunner of one of the world's fastest growing religions today, the Bahá'í Faith


van den Hoonaard/ Savoie
Fidelio -The Faithful Cat 1066

Fidelio -The Faithful Cat A fine Halloween story about a witch with a bad broomstick and her cat Fidelio, who knew just when to keep a secret!


Grol, Lini
Lelelawala 1076

Lelawala-A Legend of the Maid of the Mist A re-telling of the legend of Niagara Falls' Maid of the Mist
limited quantity left


Grol, Lini
Secrets in the Snow 1138

Secrets in the Snow--The Search for the Stolen Silver Set in the Temiskaming and Temagami areas, this engaging mystery is about missing silver, the power of dreamland symbols, the internet, and a group of curious youth out to solve this mystery.


Bateman, Paul
The Twinkle Patrol 8047

The Twinkle Patrol A delightful children's story about the unity in all types of diversity. Hard cover.


Kidd, Gordon

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