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White Mountain Web

White Mountain Web

Website design is the pickiest, most precise kind of typesetting that exists. In fact a large percentage of the coding that happens for websites actually comes from the old typesetting codes from when print was moving into digital formats in the 1980s. Sloppy work will not make the grade; the website will not function properly, or maybe not at all. The files should link properly. Our sites are held to W3C (and now W4C) Validator W3C Validator standard. This means the HTML code is error-free and held to global standards so that the page will behave properly, and appear properly in all types of browsers.

Our pages are functional, and while not as flashy as some, no one gets lost or loses the point of their visit. They come back because their time was well-spent, the pages load correctly, and the information is accessible. Search engines gobble all the data; instead of paying for high search engine listings, we simply earn them with quality content. And if we can't do what you want, we tell you. Straight up. If there's a way to do it, but not quite the way you envisioned, we consult to see if the alternative will accomplish the same goal. If not, we'll try to find you someone who can accomodate what you want to do. Go here to link to examples of our work.

Our rates are reasonable, and if we take on your project, we don't rest until it's done right. Once you have an idea of what you want, contact us to get a quotation.

Your Website Considerations

These are things to consider before you call ANY one.

  • What is the purpose of your website?

    Here, form follows function. If it's entertainment, that is one kind of site. If it's information, that's another kind of site. A commercial site has other demands. Putting your expectaions into a simple one or two sentence statement will help clarify your goal and can quite often be stated on the welcoming page for the site.

  • How web savvy are you?

    If I ask you to attach a file to an email, do you know how to do it? Change file extensions? Have, and know how to use, an FTP program? (File Transfer Protocol). Know the difference between a .gif and a .jpg format for images? It also leads to the next question.

  • Are you going to maintain the site, or will someone else?

    Quite often a website is published and then forgotten. Aren't you frustrated when you browse around the Internet and discover out of date information? It also looks quite unprofessional. Maintenance is critical Not only should the content be updated, but graphic layout and colors should be changed from time to time to keep the site looking fresh and maintain interest in your site. Our maintenance packages vary from monthly updates to annual updates and accommodate a variety of needs and purposes. Once you have your website set up on the Internet, do not just forget about it. Update it, change it, and re-fresh it with a very affordable maintenance plan

  • Have you written the text, or have a sketch, of how you would like your site to look?

    It saves time and much money no matter where you go, if you have the pages' content typed and ready to insert, and a good idea of how you would like the site to look. Colours on the web are free, but need to be attractive and easy to view.

If you've answered these questions, you're ahead of most people who call to ask. At least it gives you a framework to base questions concerning quotations, and a better way to compare prices for the work.

Fairly Current Examples of our web work: (We've been coding webpages since 1996, and many of the ones we've done don't exist anymore for one reason or another). None of them are what I call 'cookie cutter' sites. We code them all from scratch. They all have a different look and feel to them.