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Highway Book Shop Titles

We arranged to continue making a limited number of titles in limited quanties available from the now-closed Highway Book Shop . When they are gone, they are gone. We have arranged for reprint rights for some of them and have indeed been re-printing a few of them for a few years now. Here is the list. Click here for a PDF copy of this list to download or print and use off-line.

Temiskaming Treasure Trails The Complete Set of 8 all by Peter Fancy

Temiskaming Treasure Trails The Earliest Years (Vol 1)

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 2 1886-1903

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 3 1904-1906

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 4 1907-1909

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 5 1910-1915

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 6 1916-1922

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 7 1923-1933

Temiskaming Treasure Trails Vol 8 1934-1945

Gilles Depot ~A Temiskaming Journal Peter Fancy

Boston Creek~Golden Echoes of an Ontario Mining Camp Peter Fancy

Silver Centre Rediscovered Peter Fancy

From Romance to Reality Peggy O'Hara

Muriel Newton-White (Set of 3)

Cold Wind in the Winter Muriel Newton-White

Pleasant Summer Sun Muriel Newton-White

Sunset and the Morning Muriel Newton-White

Snowbug Yvon Gauthier

Iron Mining At Bessemer Dave Hanes

Survival Strategies David Dehaas

Lake in the Hills ~Strong Township and Sundridge 1875-1925 Compiled by Patricia Lee

New Liskeard, The Pioneer Years by Bruce W. Taylor.

The Age of Steam on Lake Temiskaming by Bruce W. Taylor


Wanapitei Canoe Trippers' Cookbook III (2009) by Carol Hodgins-completely revised and updated from the previous two editions and re-issued.

Just Passing Through ~The People and the Places North of Matachewan by Frank Holley (2010) -revised and totally corrected with some additions from Frank before his passing.

Backhouses of the North Muriel Newton-White (2010)

The Preacher's Book at Rupert House 1902-1911 James Scanlon (2007)

A Different Time Among the Northern Cree James Scanlon (2007)

Moose Factory Cree by Daisy Turner (2013) the much-loved guide to Cree syllabics with 2 CDs for learning the pronunciation.

Coming: Arrow North by George L Cassidy.

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