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Competition Rules and Winner's Lists for:

The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar for the most complete current listing of Canadian writing contests each year

Canadian Writer's Journal Short Fiction Contest Rules and Guidelines (Deadline April 30th each year)

Northern Ontario Poetry Competition

Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Rules and Guidelines (Deadline May 31st each year)

  • 1996 Prize Winners in Signatures Amid the Green (1996 NOPC Volume One)

  • 1997 Prize Winners in Polestar Visions (1997 NOPC Volume Two)

  • 1998 Prize Winners in Verses Dancing (1998 NOPC Volume Three)

  • 1999 Prize Winners in Sketches In Script (1999 NOPC Volume Four)

  • 2000 Prize Winners in Horizons North (2000 NOPC Volume Five)

  • 2001 Prize Winners in Northern Hues (2001 NOPC Volume Six)

  • 2002 Prize Winners in Northern Ink (2002 NOPC Volume Seven)

  • 2003 Prize Winners in Whispering Words (2003 NOPC Volume Eight)

  • 2004 Prize Winners in Exclamations in Ink (2004 NOPC Volume Nine)

  • 2005 Prize Winners in Ten Pines (2005 NOPC Volume Ten)

  • 2006 Prize Winners in Sylvan Jottings (2006 NOPC Volume Eleven)

  • 2007 Prize Winners in Standing Strong (2007 NOPC Volume Twelve)

  • 2008 Prize Winners in Moments in Time (2008 NOPC Volume Thirteen)

  • 2009 Prize Winners in Sunset (2009 NOPC Volume Fourteen)

  • 2010 Prize Winners in Cloudy Skies, Clear Thoughts (2010 NOPC Volume Fifteen)

  • 2010 Prize Winners in Scripted Inspiration (2011 NOPC Volume Sixteen)

  • 2010 Prize Winners in Arising From The Mist (2012 NOPC Volume Seventeen)

    Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest from the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival

    Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Rules and Guidelines

    • 2007-2008 Drummond Contest Winners in Legacy (Drummond Vol.1)

    • 2009 Drummond Contest Winners in Expressions (Drummond Vol.2)