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How To Order Our Books


Ordering with PayPal®

  • On the pages for each book, or from the Listing by Genre page or the Alphabetical Listing page, click on the appropriate PayPal® buttons to add your choices to the cart.

  • When you have completed your selections, go to the View Cart button that looks like this:

    Amend your order there if necessary.

  • Follow the Check out instructions to complete your order. PayPal® no longer requires buyers to sign up for PayPal® accounts before making payments. Once the payment is complete, you can decide whether or not to save the information and sign up to PayPal® for future purchases.

Ordering By Mail

  • The actual Order Form, which prints on one page with the mailing labels on the second page, can be mailed to us with payment by cheque or money order in Canadian or US funds. A Currency Converter Link is available at the top of the Listing Pages and again on the Order Form to convert currency.

  • Mail the order form, and cheque or money order to us. If you include an email address, we will confirm your order's receipt by email. Otherwise, it will be processed and the invoice will be marked paid, and included with your order of books.

Ordering With Email Money Transfer (Canadian banking system only)

  • Use the mail-in Order page to help you calculate the total after you have decided which titles you wish, add shipping costs and 5% HST (if in Canada)

  • Go to CertaPay Email Money Transfer Information Page

  • Follow the instructions given by CertaPay® to finish your order. Your order will be confirmed by email as soon as it is processed, and a shipping date will be assigned.

Bookstores, Wholesalers and Institutions

As we evolve, we hope to add other conveniences. We thank you for your support.