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'For The Lord of the Crimson Ark

For the Lord of the Crimson Ark

by Ian Kluge

of Prince George, B.C.

Ian Kluge of Prince George, B.C. writes powerfully and poetically addresses the issues of our day, the individual and their relationships to God and Bahá'u'lláh.

"Ian Kluge is one of the bright new lights of Canadian poetry...Kluge manages to eschew the fashionable nihlism of post-modern poetry by drawing the reader closer to the shimmer and mystery of life...Kluge's poetry show that sympathy, insight and goodwill are never out of fashion..." Kevin Murray

"With the world driven to its knees in the death throes of the old world order, this little book of poetry is a beacon in the turbulent darkness. He has used his poetry to develop the radiant image of Crimson Ark, shimmering under the full sail of Bahá'u'lláh's vision, and hovering on the periphery of the world's consciousness, while gaining momentum to usher in the Bahá'í era..." Gail Campbel

"It's a relief to know people still write poetry like this -no self indulgent orgy of self-pity or resentment - but understanding, compassion and deep spirituality expressed in powerful and unique imagery..." Ted Olbrecht

ISBN: 1-896331-06-8 or 9781896331065 | WMPub#1017 | 88 pages-softcover perfect bound | $10.95 CDN



though muscles crackle
and crack like dry straw
though fingers splinter
like sapless old twigs,
and my eyes
are only two handfuls of smouldering ash
I shall not cease struggling to polish
         stones into mirrors-

all of them !
every one !
in my garden
or out of it,
large stones
or small
smooth ones
or brutally jagged

every one of them-
stones of
         flung in my face
or black
stones of fear

I promise to polish them all
into mirrors
reflecting the light
          of Bahá'u'lláh.

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