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On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand

by Brenda Ross

Brenda Ross uses her fictious counterpart Ross Brennan to write both sides of the argument in this collection of essays on the writing experience.

Explored are the choices that have to be made in sexism, editing, marketing, styles & genre, presentation, writing as therapy, title choices, issues of confidentiality and motivation. Many of the 31 articles presented have been previously published in the Canadian Writer's Journal, or the now-defunct Canadian Author and are collected here for your convenience.

Writing from British Columbia, Canada, Brenda continues to use her warmth and charm to bring out both side of the issues for writers.

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ISBN: 1-896331-46-7 | WMPub# 1026 | 5" x 8" | 60 page chapbook | $5.95 CDN


Table of Contents

3 Preface

The Literary Pack Rat

6 Phoenix Writing* by Brenda Ross

8 Saving Grace by Ross Brennan


10 Excess Baggage* by Brenda Ross

15 Close to the Bone* by Ross Brennan

16 Strong Words* by Brenda Ross

18 Easy Does It by Ross Brennan

Stream of Consciousness

19 Cattle Prod* by Brenda Ross

21 Go With the Flow by Ross Brennan


22 Multiple Rejections* by Brenda Ross

24 If The Hat Fits . . . by Ross Brennan


26 Never Judge A Book By It's Gender by Brenda Ross

27 Women with a View by Ross Brennan

Styles & Genre

29 Different Strokes* by Brenda Ross

32 Responsibility and Respect by Ross Brennan


33 Text Appeal* by Brenda Ross

37 Skinny Dipping by Ross Brennan


38 This line is not dead by Brenda Ross

39 Inspirational Writing by Ross Brennan

Tools of the Trade

41 The Twisted Tail by Brenda Ross

42 Following the Directions by Ross Brennan

Writing Therapy

44 If It Ain't Broken . . .* by Brenda Ross

45 Inside Passage by Ross Brennan


46 Gossip or Revenge? by Brenda Ross

48 The Literal Truth by Ross Brennan

The Importance of Titles

49 The Top of the Page* by Brenda Ross

51 False Advertising by Ross Brennan

Fictional Statements

53 What to Write Quiz* by Brenda Ross

55 Are you a writer or a Writer? by Ross Brennan

58 Acknowledgments

60 About the Author