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Something of Creation- CoverSomething of Creation

Chris Marks currently lives in Moose Factory where he works as a teacher with native students. This volume of his collected works has been in process for a number of years. An avid sports fan,Chris is a devotee of golf and swimming, and of course, poetry.

Chris Marks

Previously published in the Canadian Literary Review and the newsletter of St. John the Divine (Scarborough), these poems, unveiled at small readings over the years are now all presented for all to enjoy.

His clear poetic voice, his unique view of the circumstances of life and events makes this a most enjoyable, very accessible book of poetry without losing the depth that all good poetry aspires to unveil.

Clearly a new Northern Ontario gem.

"There are poems in this first section of Chris Marks' volume which are worth sitting up with and re-reading for the pleasure of listening to a voice determined to rise above Marsyas' cry of pain. ...the bid for freedom to sing his song, to resume a dance in time, are all impressive and dignified. & there are wonderful moments when reading is completed with that fleeting sense of freedom and wholeness which art provides; a movement towards "joy / and the breath of light", to an order protected against "the constant menace of wings in the night."

"I think the tempo of the song rises in "Accident Report" so that in the end the sadness, infestations, frailities, guilts and dementias are kept in control by an affirmation of the beauty and liberty of naked utterance, and by the sheer resolve to pick up tools and continue working. [Marks] is trying to bring human existence into a fuller life, as Seamus Heaney says, and the excitement and transformation he seeks in the company of his nude muse are finding a "heartvoice" to string the evergreens with light and to combat the lachrymas rerum."

Maurice Elliott

York University.

ISBN: 1-894747-38-0 | WMPub# 1034 | 6" x 9" | 168 page chapbook | $14.95 CDN

Also available at Amazon.ca

Table of Contents

Ends and Beginnings

10 Introduction

12 Ends and Beginnings

13 Postscript

14 Exile

15 Vision

16 Delinquent in Paradise

17 This Property Condemned

18 Alfred Jarry's Sunday Ride

20 Caliban Bound

21 An Unhappy Friend

22 Storm

23 Outing

24 A Sleeper's Diary (or the prick of conscience)

25 Farewell Blues

26 Absentee

27 Escape

28 Christmas Poem for Cherylv

30 Oh God No Not Another Suicidev

31 Feminism and the State of the Art

32 Do Not Read This Poem

34 Advice on Departure (after Bukowski)

36 Living Together

36 A Prayer for Understanding and Equal Rights

37 Spring

38 First Love

39 Elegy

40 Adopt the Days like Children

41 Miscellany

42 Prison Song

43 Minimum Wage

44 Still Too Early to Tell

45 On Moral Responsibility (or That's Entertainment)

45 Ambiguity

46 For a Rival Poet

47 Trial and Error

48 Rebel

49 An Afterthought At My Father's Funeral

50 September 7, 1984

51 Valedictory

52 Something of Creation

Accident Report

53 Magic

54 If You Are Offended by Nudity Do Not Enter

55 Starstruck

56 Conversation with a Lady

57 A Liege

58 Ice Cream and Hubris

59 Sighting (or And Up There Uh the Clouds)

60 A Conversation

61 After Celine

62 Aspiration

63 From a Distant Place

64 Somnolent at Mother's House

65 Accident Report

68 Quoth I Quoth He

69 Ecce Homo

70 What the Zen Critic Told Me About My Poetry

70 Just Before He Hit Me

71 Labour of Love (Or Look Ma No Hands)

72 Early Evening Poem (For Susie)

73 The Man I Imagined I Saw

73 For One Without Hope

74 Dialogue

76 Note

76 Wet Dream

77 Twin Brothers

78 Fragment

80 Discovery

82 Episode from the Story of Man

84 My Sister's Children

84 Credo Quia Ineptum

85 An Embarrassment

86 Doctor Psyche's Complaint

88 How Was It?

89 Eleutherios

90 Summer '91

92 Listenv

93 Eucharist

94 Advertisement For My Next Book

96 A Poet Rallies His Troops

99 Name Dropping

100 Breakthrough

101 Via Positiva

102 A Question of Psychology

104 Has Anybody Seen

105 Segue

106 If Only

108 Coming Through Slaughter

110 Lesson #47

112 Fantasy in Green

114 Endgame

118 Morningside Park

119 The Muse's Departure

120 A Time for Everything (Or How He Prays to Be Released from Another Alien Cul-de Sac)

122 The Workers Are Few

123 The Gift

Crossing the Border: Poems Written in Moose Factory

127 Harpies

128 For Tamara

129 Taking Refuge

130 Crossing the Border

131 Hope

132 A Failure

134 Industry

135 In Progress

137 A Touch of Zen in Moose Factory

138 Panentheism

140 To Begin With

141 Same Time Same Place Tonight

142 Deconstructing Chris

144 File under a Notable Local Event

145 In Thanks

146 Surprise in Moose Factory (or Guidance from Beyond)

147 On the Path

148 A Valediction

150 Christmas 2005

151 Delayed Flight

152 In Transit

154 What Have We Done

155 Weekday Morning (or Not to Mention I Need the Money)

156 Writing

157 Another Power Outage in Moose Factory

158 An Experiment

159 The Flower of Practice

160 Voice in a Sling

161 Clarinet Concerto

161 On the Benefits of Spiritual Exercise

162 Joseph

163 A Grace

164 Palm Sunday

165 No Luck Today

166 Five A.M. (Aubade)

167 The Day after Easter