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Writing Lines
Writing Lines

by Ruth Latta

Ruth Latta has published fiction and articles in a wide range of Canadian and American magazines. This collection of essays and poems concerning the writing experience come from her own experiences and are valuable to both the apprentice and the experienced writer for their concise and clearly written opinions.

Writing from Ottawa, ON and covering topics such as working at home, memoir writing, the editing process and who you have to please, these twenty articles and poems will give you all the inspiration you'll need to keep on writing.

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ISBN: 1-896331-47-5 | WMPub# 1035 | 5" x 8 | 48 page chapbook | $5.95 CDN


Annotated Table of Contents

5 Working At Home A discussion of the distractions that working from home bring.

7 Compulsions (Poem)

8 So As Not To Feel Alone The value of reading writers biographies.

13 Breaking The Rules How a Booker prize winner won by breaking the rules.

15 The Tough Old Man (Poem)

16 Are Two Heads Better Than One? The difficulties of collaboration.

18 Bookstore Blues (Poem)

19 A Stroll Through The Market The Market Books and how they aid your marketing.

21 Waiting For The Mail (Poem)

22 'From John, Cuddles, Fang & Samantha' The 'Christmas epistle'.

23 With Lemon (Poem)

24 Stepping Into The Ring The perils of criticism

29 Morning Pages (Poem)

30 Journals

32 Like A Comma In The Sky (Poem)

33 Ten Misconceptions About Memoir-Writing

39 A Poem Is Like A Hamster (Poem)

40 No Visible Means Of Support

44 There'll Be Some Changes Made

48 Writing In The Car (Poem)