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Two Gaelic Soldiers
Two Gaelic Soldiers

by Bruce W. Taylor

The period 1830 to 1860 was a period of expansion of the British Empire. On the map of the world the red areas signifying British control were growing steadily larger, and British armies were enforcing sovereignty over those territories.

James Taylor, Sergeant-Major of her Majesty's 93rd (Argyll and Sutherland) Highlanders, and Philip Maguire, Private of the 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot, were two of the ordinary soldiers that plodded their way around the world to uphold the British sovereignty. Both were Celts; James Taylor was a Gaelic-speaking Highland Scot, and Philip Maguire, an Irishman from County Louth. Both had a part to play in the exciting history of Canada in the 19th century.

One of the shortcomings of Canadians is that we have been slow to recognize the romance in our own history, and to teach it in an imaginative manner such that our children develop an interest and even a pride in their heritage. For example, during the early 1950s, when I attended High School in New Liskeard, Ontario, I don't recall ever hearing of the Battle of the Windmill, at Prescott, Ontario in 1838, or the Battle of Limestone Ridge in 1866. And yet, my own ancestors played a part in these engagements which, while not on a scale with the battle of the Plains of Abraham, were nonetheless important in the scheme of things in Upper Canada.

It wasn't until after I became interested in the lives and times of my progenitors that I began to acquire an appreciation of the events, many of them obscure, in which my ancestors participated.

Table of Contents below.

ISBN: (none) | WMPub# 1050 | 5" x 8" | 104 page perfectbound book | Out of Print.

Table of Contents

Forward ix

Chapter One

The Taylors of Scotland


The Scottish Origins

James Taylorv

The 93rd Highlanders

The Battle of the Windmill

The Peels of County Down

The Crimean War

Chapter Two

The Young Soldier


The Fenian Raids of 1866

The Red River Expedition of 1870

Chapter Three

The Maguires


The Irish Soldier

Complicity with the Rebels

Chapter Four

George Taylor -- Politician and Businessman


The Taylors in Winnipeg

Politics in London, Ontario

The North Beckons







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