A Pioneer Ministry cover

A Pioneer Ministry
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church,
New Liskeard, Ontario
Centennial History 1895-1995
by Bruce W Taylor

The Burning Bush- the symbol of the Presbyterian Church in Canada has been burning brightly in the Temiskaming District of Northern Ontario for the past 100 years.

This centennial history of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in New Liskeard is a celebration of the story of the pioneer beginnings of that Ministry when Temiskaming was the isolated frontier of "New Ontario".

Rev. "Professor" Sharp, the first Presbyterian missionary in the area and Rev. Frank Pitts, the first ordained Minister epitomized the sacrifice and dedication of these early church men to the cause. They and the hardy farmers, miners, lumbermen and merchants and their families, who settled the land worked as a team to build the church and to do God's work. This is their story.

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Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: Genesis

CHAPTER 2: The Pioneer Pastor

CHAPTER 3: Laying the Cornerstone

CHAPTER 4: St. Andrew's Church

CHAPTER 5: Church Activities in Pioneer Days

CHAPTER 6: The Role of the Church in World War I

CHAPTER 7: Surviving Church Union-1925

CHAPTER 8: Rev. E.J. Kerr 1935-1951

CHAPTER 9: 1952-1967

CHAPTER 10: The Modern Era

CHAPTER 11: The Church Today