Slices of Temiskaming par Laura Landers

Slices of Temiskaming
by Laura Landers

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Laura Landers was born and raised in Noranda, Quebec. One of my main interests even as a child was drawing and painting everything I could. In high school I drew my classmates' and teachers' portraits and took my first art class after school with Noranda artist Gwen Cameron. After I married in 1970, I continued to draw and to supply teach arts and crafts in a local school.

In 1978 our family moved to Espanola, Ontario. The breathtaking mountain range of LaCloche, Manitoulin Island and the North Shore struck a chord with me. I became involved with the annual LaCloche Art Show and have exhibited my work with them for thirty years and recently was given the title of Distinguished Artist. As well, the Willisville Mountain Project was to raise awareness of the potential quarrying of this particular LaCloche mountain where many members of the Group of Seven created their most important works.

Laura Landers

In 1981 we moved to Timmins where I became a member of the Porcupine Art Club and the Northern Ontario Artist Association. Moving to Haileybury, Ontario in 1984 I began a career in custom framing out of our home called Laura's Art Shoppe. At this point I developed the Slices of Temiskaming series. Soon my series expanded to over 70 art pieces and unlimited edition giclée prints.

I moved my frame shop into Canvas and Clay in New Liskeard, owned by Carolyn Campsall. Being a member of the local art club and with my N.O.A.A. affiliation was a great way for Carolyn and myself to tap in to the prolific artist network in this region. I have taught numerous workshops for adults and children both privately and through the Temiskaming Art Gallery, the local schools and art clubs. In 2011 Laura's Art Shoppe moved to its current location on Silver Street in Cobalt. These have been the most rewarding years of my life.

Because of my family and wonderful friends who encourage me throughout the bad times and praise me throughout the good, I have the confidence to grow as an artist who revels in the world around me and the people in it.

To acquire any of my Slices of Temiskaming giclée prints or to view or purchase original works of art, please visit her store at 36 Silver Street, Cobalt or her website:

Slices and Tableaux are available locally at the following outlets: Chat Noir Books, New Liskeard; President's Suites, Haileybury; Temiskaming Shores & Area Chamber of Commerce, Dymond; Garlin's Gift Gallery Plus, Englehart; and White Mountain Publications, Cobalt.

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Table of Contents

3 Dedication

7 Introduction

Views Around Lake Temiskaming

8 Martineau Bay

9 Dawson Point

10 Former Look Out at Devil's Rock

11 Devil's Rock (South)

12 Haileybury, Overlooking the Lake

13 Get The Net! Fishing on Lake Temiskaming

14 Ice Fishing

15 Enchanted Forest, Fort Temiskaming, QC

16 Northern Lights


17 Legend of CobaltFred Larose and the Fox

19 Silver Street, Cobalt

20 Headframes of Cobalt

21 Classic Theatre, Silver Street

22 Fraser Hotel, Silver Street

23 Cobalt Train Station

24 Cobalt-Haileybury Curling Club

25 Temiskaming Nordic Ski Club, Cobalt

26 That's My Bobby!

27 Cobalt Artists' Colony

28 St. Patrick's School, Cobalt

29 First OPP Station, Cobalt

30 Autumn Days, Cobalt

31 Cobalt Heritage Trail, Headframe # 96

32 Highway Book Shop, Highway 11, Cobalt

33 Inside Highway Book Shop


34 Aubrey Cosens Memorial Bridge

35 Shortest Covered Bridge, Latchford


36 Temagami Fire Tower

37 Temagami Canoe Company

38 Temagami Train Station


39 Ferguson Avenue, Haileybury

40 Haileybury School of Mines, and Rockwalk, (Northern College) Haileybury

41 Haileybury District Court House

42 Haileybury Fire Hall

43 Haileybuy Public School

44 Restored Streetcar, Haileybury Heritage Museum

45 Tri-Town Ski Village

46 Last Minute Adjustments

47 Little Blades On Ice, Haileybury

48 Haileybury Beach

49 Art in the Park, Haileybury

50 Haileybury Golf Course

New Liskeard

51 Armstrong Street, New Liskeard

52 New Liskeard Public School

53 Empire Theatre

54 At the Playground, New Liskeard Waterfront

55 New Liskeard Mini-Putt

56 For The Love Of Dogs

57 New Liskeard Public Library

58 In A Different Light - New Liskeard Public Library

59 Little Tykes, New Liskeard

60 New Liskeard Santa Claus Parade

61 Riverside Farmers' Market, New Liskeard


62 Ms. Claybelt, Dymond

63 New Liskeard Agricultural Barn

64 Original Shepherdson Basket Works

65 Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum

66 New Liskeard Golf Course

67 Pete's Dam

Hudson Township

68 Triangle Hill


69 Frosty Winter's Day, along Highway 11, Earlton.

70 The Little Claybelt


71 Kap-Kig-Iwan, Englehart

72 Steam Buffs, Earlton

Kirkland Lake

73 Government Road, Kirkland Lake

74 Laura Landers Biography