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My Firefly by K. Maggie Lacroix

my firefly

by K. Maggie Lacroix

WARNING: this book deals with uncomfortable issues, and the language and subject matter are NOT for the faint of heart.
It is a fictionalized account of a true life story of a sexual abuse survivor.

My Firefly

Also available as an ebook (cover looks different but it is the same book) from Amazon Digital Services Format: Kindle Edition || File Size: 309 KB || Language: English || ASIN: B004U35ANK ~ Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Although this book is not like most of the books we have published, the story and the author were compelling voices of triumph over the most dire kinds of adversity. After reading this, the eyes of children suffering from abuse were no longer invisible, and the need to address this societal ill is urgent.

Here's what other people are saying:

Up and coming Canadian author K. Maggie Lacroix's My Firefly is a moving story of child sexual abuse with a unique perspective. The story is told from the point of view of the house as it does its best to embrace and protect the innocent young victim against the twisted rage of her own father. It bears silent witness to the Firefly's ultimate triumph over her circumstances. This book is a gut-wrenching tale of horror, but even more, it's a celebration of the human spirit and its resiliency.

Martha Ward, Librarian

A horrifying account of torture and humiliation at the hands of her family, My Firefly will pull you into its pages and grab hold of your spirit. . . as this young girl struggles to stay alive while she is slowly ripped apart emotionally, physically and sexually by her father.

My Firefly is a flicker of light in complete darkness, leading you to safety.

Tracy Oad

A horrifying account of torture and humiliation at the hands of her family, My Firefly will pull you into its pages and grab hold of your spirit. Seen from the perspective of the family home, this young girl struggles to stay alive as she is slowly ripped apart emotionally , physically and sexually by her father. You'll experience an abundance of feelings throughout this book and won't be able to put it down!

Tracy Oliver, Public Relations.

Hang on to your box of Kleenex, for you are in for the ride of your life. Do you want to have a good cry? Be inspired? Be thankful for the life you had, and have? My Firefly will turn your world upside down, shake up everything you think you know, make you re-examine your life, values and blessings. My Firefly will move you.

Witness with the house the life of the firefly. It doesn't seem possible for anyone to survive the crucible of degradation and pain that she had to go through. To survive, not only intact, but also triumphant and conquering, is a miracle of the human spirit. But a word of warning. This book is not for those who cannot face harsh reality and stare it in the face. It is not for those faint of heart. It is cruel and brutish and bloody. Beware!

But, if you want inspiration, then read My Firefly. It will change your world.

Gale Gernat, Author

Here is my story: A while back, maybe two or three years ago I met the wife of a business colleague of my husbands. We immediately felt a bond and through the few years that we have known each other this connection of sorts brought us to an understanding of some of the things that we both believe in.

For whatever reason about a month after meeting this woman, her husband was in the store and I asked him to give his wife a book to read. I told him to tell her that it will probably be one of the most horrific books that she will have ever read, and that she may not want to finish the book as it invokes all sorts of emotions. I also told him that if she prevails and finishes the book that the author will have given her a gift. The book was 'My Firefly", and the gift that I talk about comes in may ways, to some it is an appreciation of a good childhood and warm loving family, to others it may give them the courage to face their own demons and to others it may give them the ability to see outside of the box and to extend their hand and help those that they know are in need.

After my friend read your book she couldn't get it out of her mind. She is a school teacher and some of what she read was haunting her because she recognized some of the signs of abuse that you wrote about particularly involving two little girls at her school. Every instinct she had was pointing to the two children. Although she had returned the book to me she asked if she could get a copy for herself to forward on to her fellow teachers. I sent her a copy for herself and another to forward on to the other teachers to read. My friend followed her instincts and contacted Children's Services. The two little girls were immediately removed from their home where they were indeed being abused. The change in these two little ones was dramatic. Of course it took some time, but they now laugh and play with a freedom that they did not show before. Together, we all played a part in freeing these two children from a life of hell. You for finding the courage to write the book, me for sensing the need to get the book to my friend, and my friend for using her knowledge and intuition in recognizing a need and helping these two little ones. Since then your book has been passed around to many a teacher. They use the term "Fire Fly" when they suspect that there may be abuse at home. This term has been used in a school system in the North and since then my friend has move down south, She is still passing the book around to the teachers and the term "Fire Fly" is now being used there as well as in a northern school for suspected cases of abuse.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that it is not coincidence that we meet certain people in our lives. I know that you writing this book was probably one of the hardest things that you have ever had to do. I realized when I saw you at the store that writing this book had not freed you from your past. When I think of you I still see you when you came in to do some book signing. You were standing there with your coat on and you had this look on your face where I thought you might flee at any minute. I don't profess to know how you feel or how you deal with the atrocities that life has inflicted on you. My only hope is that you will feel some comfort in knowing that the pain and suffering that you felt as a child and the courage that you have shown in writing this book has helped and will continue to help other children that may be presently experiencing some of the same horrific experiences that you had as a child. I have recently met another lady and your book will be passed on once again, this time through the"Social Service System" and with any luck it may once again end the pain and suffering for some abused tormented child. I hope this letter brings you some comfort and I wish you peace in your life.

Most Sincerely

Deborah Fleury

ISBN: 9781894747455 | WMPub#1057 | 8.5" x 5.5" | 228 pages, trade paper, perfect bound | $18.95


Available as an ebook (cover looks different but it is the same book) from Amazon Digital Services Format: Kindle Edition || File Size: 309 KB || Language: English
ASIN: B004U35ANK ~ Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Previously published by Wynterblue Thunder Publications © 2003 under ISBN: 0-9731911-5-5 This first edition is out of print and is replaced with this edition