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Verses Dancing
Verses Dancing

Verses Dancing is the collection of winning poetry from the third Northern Ontario Poetry Competition co-sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association - Temiskaming Branch and White Mountain Publications, New Liskeard.

In keeping with the Canadian Authors Association motto of "Writers Helping Writers", this annual competition encourages and assists the development of new and existing poetic talents in the Northern Ontario region as defined by Canada Post's postal code beginning with the letter P.

The launch of the third Northern Ontario Poetry CollectionVerses Dancing was held Saturday October 24th, 1998 at the Valley Room of the Golden Griddle, Highway 11, New Liskeard where the poets gathered to hear the announcement of the prize winners and read their poems. Special guest speaker Canadian Authors Association's National President Gill Foss discussed the importance of national writing groups, and warmly invited all to consider membership in the CAA.

Annual Rules and Guidelines

The deadline for entries each year is May 31st.

ISBN: 1-896331-48-3 | WMPub# 1082 | 60 pages, chapbook | $5.95 CDN


Table of Contents

First Prize Winner:

Beulah Mooney of North Bay for Tai Chi On Ice

Second Prize Winner:

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for This Moment

Third Prize Winner:

Roger Joseph Drouin of Connaught for A Poet

First Honourable Mention:

Margaret E Chester of Elk Lake for Portrait of a Procreative Paragon

Second Honourable Mention:

Ruth Ward of North Bay for Prescience.

Judges Selections

Margaret E Chester of Elk Lake for Love's Immutable Immersion, Metaphor and Wildcat Extinction

Roger Joseph Drouin of Connaught for Days of Yesterday, The Seagull, Create!, and Words

David B Duchesne of Kapuskasing for The 60 cent Place

Ruthanne Fecteau of Hilton Beach for A Mother's Cry, The Lumberjack, Children, and Aging

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for Armchair Hippie, and 3R's

Beulah Mooney of North Bay for Vision in Clay, Her New Jar, and Journey

Richard Smith of Haileybury for Cricket Song, Seasons Past, Highway 567, A Winter's Kiss, Drifting, February, Act III - Fade to Darkness, Gentle Wind, and The King's Laurel

Rutheen Taylor of Haileybury for Lost and Found, Sabbath Moments, and To People Who Have Stiff Knees

Ruth Ward of North Bay for Thoughts on Remembrance Day, Spirit of Diana, Reminders, and Barberry