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The Cold Wind in Winter

The Cold Wind in the Winter
by Muriel Newton-White

The well-known author, artist, and illustrator, Muriel Newton-White, who has touched so many hearts with her children's books, writes a series of enchanting narratives to reflect her nostalgic memories of childhood in the 1930s. The first ten years of her life were spent living in a Toronto streetcar that had been sent north to provide emergency shelter after the Great Fire of 1922. The Cold Wind in The Winter, shares with you the adventures and hardships endured during that period as seen through the eyes of a child.

Muriel E. Newton-White has long entertained northern Ontarians with her children's stories, of which Rabbit Tales of Temiskaming, Squirrel Tails, November Rabbit Tails, and Christmas Gift are the best known. She is also the author of the best-seller, Backhouses of the North, a nostalgic and humorous account of days gone by. Her sensitive drawings, together with the clever wit of her writings, have combined to establish her reputation as the foremost of northern Ontario writers.

Nostalgic childhood memories of a winter spent in a Toronto streetcar in northern Ontario after the Great Fire that left so many homeless.

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ISBN: 0-88954-391-7 | WMPub# 1194 | 5½ x 8½ | 174 page Trade paperback many illustrations, sketches and photographs | $9.95


Table of Contents

Who Would Live In A Streetcar?

"And We Shall Have Snow"

A Sad Saturday

Dad's Birthday

"Christmas Is Coming"

Christmas Day, At Last!

New Year's

Birdie's Birthday

A January Sunday

A Working Day

The World From The Big Drift

Across The Snow to Grandmother's

"Our Daily Bread"

Not LostOnly Mislaid

"How Much More Shall He Clothe You?"


A Unique Abbreviation

Pancakes, Ashes, Lions, & Lambs

"Make Daddy Have A Good Trip

The Cold Wind Blowing

"When I Was Sick and Lay A-bed"

A Visit From The Boys

First of April

Sliding Into Trouble

In The Swamp

Above The Bright Blue Sky

Buns and Bunnies


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