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Iron Mining at Bessemer, 1899-1914: The Hand of Father Time by Dave Hanes.

Iron Mining at Bessemer, 1899-1914:
The Hand of Father Time
by Dave Hanes

Mining communities like this one in Mayo township, near Bancroft, Ontario, dotted our province during the 1800s and early 1900s, each one similar but each also with its own characters and stories to tell. Our history lives on when brought to life by persons like myself and many other authors who have spent countless hours, weeks and sometimes years to have their efforts put into a book for the public to enjoy.

We didn't know anything about Bessemer, and when we finally found the main #4 workings, it mildly interested us and we began to casually do some exploring. Then it happened. One old forgotten foundation led to another, until we found the foundation of what was to have been a hotel and theatre, built by Tommy Stevens. author Dave Hanes One day at the base of a small hill and flooded stream we uncovered many old bottles and an old miner's carbide lamp. Some of these bottles dated back to the 1880s.

We started out by talking to a few of the local "old-timers", and using tape recorders. Then we would get together and listen to the tapes. It sounded interesting enough from the little we had, that we it should be put into a book to preserve the memories. We hope the result is as fascinating for you as it has been for us.

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ISBN:0-88954-424-7 | WMPub# 1198 | 8½" x 11" | 212 pages, Beautiful Hard Cover | $44.95


Table of Contents


Chapter I

Early Mining Of Mayo Township

Chapter 2

A New Face Appears

Chapter 3

If Not Copper, Try Iron

Chapter 4

A Community Develops

Chapter 5

Progress Makes A Slow Start

Chapter 6

The Community Grows

Chapter 7

Rail Futures 42

Chapter 8

We Lay The Steel

Chapter 9

Rail Travel Is A Way Of Life

Chapter 10

"Bessie" Joins The Bessemer Crowd

Chapter 11

An Abrupt Change

Chapter 12

School Days in Bessemer, 1908

Chapter 13

We Work And Wonder

Chapter 14

Our Talents, Our Dangers And The Days Of Our Years

Chapter 15

Uncertainties And Rivalries

Chapter 16

Not A Viiitage Year

Chapter 17

We Begin Anew

Chapter 18

Meet An Informative Old-Timer

Chapter 19

School Days And Growing Up In Upper Hermon

Chapter 20

The Running Of A Mining Company

Chapter 21

"Bessie" Is Joined By Other Engines

Chapter 22

Life Has Its Tragic Moments

Chapter 23

A Final Closure

Chapter 24

The Wind Passes Over It

Chapter 25

Come, Take A Walk With Me And I'll Show You Around

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