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Survival Strategies

Survival Strategies

by David Dehaas

A handbook of information, techniques and procedures for dealing with hazards and emergencies in wilderness areas.

While presenting outdoor survival techniques for all types of seasons and weather conditions, author David Dehaas the author strongly suggests that this knowledge be used in concert with your own evaluation of your situation. This is a handy book to include in your emergency preparedness kit for easy reference.


  • What to do if you're lost or stranded

  • 2 (dozen) ways to stay alive

  • 3 easy snow shelters

  • 4 ways to purify water

  • 5 ways to navigate

  • 6 effective rescue signals

  • 7 shelters you can build

  • 8 ways to start a fire

  • 10 ways to beat biting bugs

  • 20 wild edibles you can find

  • 26 items for a survival kit

  • 101 amazing survival tips

ISBN: 0-889454-408-5 | WMPub# 1199 | 8" x 11" | 142 page trade paperback. many illustrations and sketches | $14.95


Table of Contents

Planning for survival

Signals and rescue

Wilderness Navigation

Camp, shelter (summer)

Insects, coping with


Camp, winter

Spending the night

Fires and fire starters

Cold, hypothermia, frostbite

Ice and wilderness travel

Food and survival

Preserving food

Gathering food


Survival fishing

Improvised Fishing gear

Survival hunting

Snares and traps

Improvised gear

Survival equipment