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the NOPC Vol 23

NOPC Volume 23 -2018

untitled is the name for the collection of winning poetry from the twenty-third (2018) Northern Ontario Poetry Competition sponsored by White Mountain Publications, now from Cobalt, ON

In keeping with the Canadian Authors Association motto of "Writers Helping Writers", this annual competition encourages and assists the development of new and existing poetic talents in the Northern Ontario region as defined by Canada Post's postal code beginning with the letter P. (See map)

Winners are carefully chosen from the 74 entries received from across Northern Ontario Postal Code P.

The Launch for our 23rd annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition will take place Saturday, Sept 8th at 2:00 pm in the lobby of the Classic Theatre, 30 Silver Street, Cobalt. The winning poets are announced at that time and all are welcome.

Annual Rules and Guidelines

The deadline for entries each year is May 31st.

ISBN: XXXX | WMPub#1318 | 5½" x 8½" | xx pages; Chapbook | $8.95

Books will be shipped Monday after the Launch Sept 8th, 2018


Those poets and poems included in this year's anthology, in alphabetical order by poet's last name, are:

Congratulations to all who entered, and the winner will be announced at the Launch Sept 8th, 2018. Hope to see you there.

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