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Legacy-Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Winners 2007-2008

The Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Winners for 2007 and 2008

We were pleased to assist the revival of this writing competition and we continue to find more new poets.

Our thanks go to all the entrants The 124 entries in this year's competition came from all over Canada. This was remarkable considering the short period of time given to inform writers of the continued existence of the competition. We expect next year will be even bigger.

We have some familiar names and even more new poets. In this first annual collection for the competition, we have included the first place winner from 1970, and the winners from the 2007 contest, who were fetted, but not published. Part of this is the idea behind the title Legacy. It is the legacy of poetry in this area that we honour during National Poetry Month, and the continuance of that legacy we hope to achieve.

Thanks always to the Canadian Authors Association for their support and encouragement through the years, and the Niagara Branch in particular for the experience that has made this contest and collection possible here.

Legacy was launched during the first annual Spring Pulse Poetry Festival, April 3-6th, 2008. Poets and poetry lovers came from as far as Coburg, Ottawa, Moose Factory, and more, to contribute to the success of the Festival in Cobalt. Timed to commemorate the end of the 100th anniversary year of the death of Dr. Drummond in Cobalt, next year's Festival is already being planned. The rules for the next Drummond Poetry Contest are posted, and the next deadline changes from year to year, so check well in advance.

ISBN: 1-894747-41-0 | WMPub# 7901 | 5½" x 8½" | 52 page chapbook | $6.95 CDN


Table of Contents

3 Acknowledgements

7 Introduction

Prize Winning Selections

1970 First Prize Winner

9 An Evening of Memories by John Gore, Cobalt, ON

2007 Winners

First Prize

12 Calling us Home by David Brydges, Cobalt, ON

Second Prize

15 Reflections From the Depths of a Northern Ontario Hamlet by Catherine Gillier, Haileybury, ON

Honourable Mentions:

16 Fred Larose by Brian Beaudry, Haileybury, ON

17 Bass Lake by Kim Lee Seagull


First Place

18 Cobalt by Daniel Pilon

Second Place

18 The North is Great!!! by Julia Bigelow

Honourable Mentions

19 Canada by Kyle Patterson

19 Northern Ontario by Breanna Quevillon

2008 Winners

21 From the Judges

First Prize Winner

22 Fat Rain by Bernice Lever, Bowen Island, BC

Second Prize Winner

23 Drum-song by Dorothee Komangapik, Ottawa, ON

Third Prize Winner

25 Riding School by Irene Patriquin, Haileybury, ON

Honourable Mentions

26 The Door Of No Return by William Knoof, Thorne, ON

28 Gingerbread House by Bernice Lever, Bowen Island, BC

29 Concrete Caution by I. B. Iskov, Thornhill, ON

30 The Great White Pine by John Gore, Haileybury, ON

32 An Old Fashioned Barber by William Knoof, Thorne, ON

33 view from the pier by Rick Stow, New Liskeard, ON

Judges Selections

34 Spring Clean Up by Karen Audet, Ridgeway, ON

35 Blue Mountains by Heather Cardin, Summerland, BC

36 Cuneiform by Heather Cardin, Summerland, BC

37 Egg and Ever by Kate Marshall Flaherty, Toronto, ON

38 Summer Life of Light by Gill Foss, Maberly, ON

40 La Chasse-galerie by Jerry Jordison, New Liskeard, ON

42 To A Mosquito In The Night by William Knoof, Thorne, ON

44 Frozen Sea Ice by Dorothee Komangapik, Ottawa, ON

45 De Nort Land Winter by Lorne Larocque, Kirkland Lake, ON

47 Absolute by Dorothy Stott, Gibsons, BC


First Prize

49 Winter's Night by Jason VanWetten

Second Prize

49 Path by Athena Williams

Third Prize

50 Spiders by Wesley Neddo

Honourable Mentions

50 Riding by Kaitlin Landry

51 Dragons by Ryan Burrows

51 Old Blind Bat by Joshua Nielsen

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