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Musings~ The 2010 TDSS Student Poetry Anthology

The 2010 TDSS Student Anthology

Musings is a compilation of student and teacher poetry that encompasses a wide variety of forms and themes. Students of Timiskaming District Secondary School, from all grades and levels, contributed their work in the hopes of having their poetry appear in this inaugural edition. This project was inspired by the growing Spring Pulse Poetry Festival, and is the result of the hard work of the 2009 Writer's Craft class and the tireless effort of Brent McGillivray. It is hoped that Musings will inspire those both inside and outside the school community to express their inner voice for the benefit of all.

Normally we would have a list of the poems and the poets here, but these will not be listed in this public forum as a protection for the students' privacy. Carrying the book on this site is a convenience to those from out-of-town who may be interested, or have connections to poetsin the book, but are not able to pick one up from the school. Proceeds from any sales on this site go back to the school to fund their next endeavour.

ISBN: 9781894747523 | WMPub#7907 | 8.5" x 5.5" | 124 pages, trade paperback | $14.95