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Claybelt Chronicles ~ Volume 7

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Seven

In 2006, the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum started interviewing our Temiskaming seniors to capture their stories and help keep the history of the area alive with as many first-hand accounts as possible.

First the seniors, with roots in the pioneer days of Temiskaming were interviewed. Then the tapes were transcribed, then edited to place the text into a first person perspective.To date [2012] there are more than 280 interviews accomplished, and more are still being interviewed. This series of books contains 40 interviews each, and expects to be 7 or more books in length as the project continues.

Get a great look at our past from a personal viewpoint of the people who helped shape the present. If you're in the area, the Museum is open in the summer from 9 am to 5 pm daily. The books will be available from the Gift Shop after they launch at the New Liskeard Fall Fair September 14, 2012.

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ISBN: 978-0-9864785-6-7 | WMPub# 7957 | 8.5" x 11" | 200 pages, trade paperback | $30.00


Table of Contents

Volume SEVEN includes the interviews from the following seniors:

Words of Introduction From The Editors

The Interviews Continue:

6 Anyan, Lionel

10 Armstrong, Elinor (née Richardson)

17 Brownlee, Judith Rubena (née Kiehna)

22 Burk, Carl Tholby

28 David, Olive (née Moore)

32 Elliott, Mordy Ross

36 Fauvelle, Ernest René

44 Field, Elmer James

50 Fortier, Noella (née Desjardins)

54 Guppy, Joy Bernice (née Saunders)

57 Hall, Kenneth Harman

60 Huff, Marjorie Hannah (née Foley)

67 Jibb, Isobel Barbara (née Bowen)

73 Jibb, Robert Melville

78 Jones, Rodney Clair

81 Kilgour, Anne Rose (née Watters)

85 Leveille, Ernest

88 Little, Marilyn Anne (née Christianson)

94 Loranger, Louis Phillipe

97 Mackewn, Edward Charles

101 Maille, Nova Joseph

106 McLaren, Dorothy (née Simmill)

110 McLean, Davis Alexander "Alex"

115 McQuaid, Gerald Francis Charles

122 Mitchell, Linda Jean (née Lilley)

128 Pearson, Mary Elizabeth Francis "Betty" (née Johnston)

133 Pollock, Richard "Dick"

137 Proctor, Hazel (née Smith)

141 Ramsay, Peter Robert

148 Rhodes, Harold Edward

152 Schubert, Mary Patricia (née Wilkinson)

160 Shepherdson, Frances Elizabeth (née Edwards)

170 Sutton, Marjorie Mae (née Wright)

173 Touzin, Jean Guy

177 Tucker, Leonard Herbert

182 Walker, Walter Kenneth

188 Index