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The Twinkle PatrolGord Kidd with Mikayla

The Twinkle Patrol

by Gord Kidd

A wonderful children's story book dedicated to his grand-daughter Mikayla and the long-suffering Bahá'í community of Iran, this hard cover book contains delightful insect characters written and designed long before the feature movies made this style of presentation popular.

The Twinkle Patrol is a band of fireflies that guard Flitterland, assisting the Newlings to take comfort from their knowledge and their light, and generally keep order. Flit is a new Patroller, who makes a few mistakes along the way to learning the real lessons of the Rock and the Swamp: to follow the Way of the Light. Great changes are happening, and confusion surrounds some of the inhabitants, but their task is clear, and becomes even clearer.

Today we see what has always been taught

Since we were first touched by the Sun.

The only difference within us all

Is if we know Light or not.

This day will last a long, long time

It really has just begun

The Way of the Light in Flitterland

Is to know that we are all one.

ISBN 0-9811273 | Hard Cover | 9.25" h x 6.25" w | 88 pages with illustrations | $11.99