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A Distance Covered -poems by Elizabeth Fitzgerald
A Distance Covered by Elizabeth Fitzgerald

With A Distance Covered, Elizabeth Fitzgerald joins a small band of poets including Emily Dickinson and William Blake who are innocent and sophisticated, tender and wise, sacred and audaciously independent, all at the same time. Like the others, Fitzgerald also employs a light and zestful rhyme that carries the poems at a good clip. Yet her poems have a voice and authenticity that is all their own. She has an inner joy that is genuine in a time when despair is usual.

ISBN: 1-894747-23-2 | WMPub#8955 | 6 x 9" | 160 pages | $11.95


To Michael

Life with you is strong drink,

Posted all along the way

By ice and diet-coke in glasses, tall,

Abandoned on the spot where Glory hit,

Or soul bit into leisure.

From basement lair

To rough porch wall,

Beside the glowing desk,

Along the paneled hall,

I find them all.

That's what I do for you,

I find the glasses, and I know

That you were there,

That your intent to rest, recoup, was there,

          on white ice poured, a toast

          to effervescence and to life,

Where midway in its course,

That innocent intent was bent,

And sent, yea, catapulted

On some thirsty, sacred journey

I shall only hear the heart of

Later, on the page,

When it becomes a poem.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald A Distance Covered, page 117