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Baha'i Calendars

Here is a You Tube explanation of the Badi Calendar And this link will go to a Badi Calendar you can print out yourself in English, French, German or Spanish.

Nicholas Sanders has developed a Badi Calendar based on the Universal House of Justice letter and it is available for free download and distribution here. [Feb 23, 2015; version.6]

"I have made an .ics file containing all the data published by the House of Justice for the Badi Calendar, starting at Naw-Ruz 172 and running to the last day of 'Ala' 221. It will open in any compliant application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Calendar, and can be synchronized with iPads and iPhones (and presumably other tablets and mobile/cell phones) via the Cloud.

"Although I have been able to use a web application to make the .ics file, the task has nevertheless been a laborious one. It will therefore please me greatly if the file can be circulated as widely as possible, thereby avoiding any duplication of my individual effort; please consider it an early Ayyam-í-Há gift. I have done my best to check the file for errors, but to do so thoroughly would be to repeat the original work without any more guarantee that the corrected version is flawless. Individual corrections can be made within a given calendar application, but I shall be more than happy to receive notifications of errors so that my copy can be made as near perfect as possible." ~Nicholas Sanders

Badi Calendar ics file. [Feb 23, 2015; version.6]

Notify Nicholas Sanders by email directly with any suggestions. We cannot take any responsibility for this file, its application or anything else. We are not qualified to advise you as to how to use it as we are still figuring that out ourselves. We simply offer a platform to assist the friends in its dissemination. For more information on .ics File Association, we found this site helpful: http://www.fileinfo.com/extension/ics.

Our own 19 day Calendar

172 B.E.

After 13 years, it was decided that B.E.172 was the last year we are providing these 19 day calendar files.

We thanks all those whose kind words of encouragement over the years sustained many things, including this calendar.

Link to the Universal House of Justice 10 July 2014 letter outlining the changes in the Badi (Bahá'í) calendar.

"The Báb, the Primal Point of a new creation, brought humanity into a new division of time in a calendar of nineteen months. All through our past heritage the months of the years and the days of the week have borne the names of pagan feasts and Roman holidays. The Báb swept these ancient landmarks away, and replaced them by the Qualities of: Splendour, Glory, Beauty, Grandeur, Light, Mercy, Words, Perfection, Names, Might, Will, Knowledge, Power, Speech, Questions, Honour, Sovereignty, Dominion, and Loftiness.

Meditating upon these sublime attributes, man is enabled to gaze beyond the curve of time, wherein the swing and change of planetary movements exists, to the eternal qualities that stabilize the soul. As the seasons return with their quaternary beauty, as the seed sacrifices to the mystery of the harvest, we see reflected in the mirror of the physical world the spiritual spring-time when the Word of God is planted in the heart of man by the coming of God's Messengers."

Compilations Principles of Bahai Administration, p. 53; Bahá'í Publishing Trust, 1950,
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom