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The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2012
The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar


Updates | CWCC 2012 Table Of Contents

December 7, 2011

Believe it or not, this is our tenth year doing the Contest Calendar, and it is more popular every year. There was an addition error on the flyer and on the site, so the price for the CWCC is not $23.57 as marked but totals $22.47. We appologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this may cause.

Always check for your contest, make sure it is still operating, and that the deadline is where you thought it would be. Then check again about a month before the deadline to confirm that there haven't been any other changes. And if there are, please send me an email, or a note to let us know. Let us know if you hear of any new opportunities as well. Check the Update page during the year.

Full CONTEST information is in the book. The complete 2012 Book Awards listings can be obtained directly from the Award sponsors. There has not been a large call for all this information to be posted on this website, so unless I hear differently from you, we will not be posting the Awards page. It's good to know what awards are there and and when their deadlines are. There is an incredible variety of awards. Newest awards we noticed were for blogs, and graphic novels. Most of them need submissions of your published book from your publisher, not the author. With smaller presses, it may be helpful to gently inquire as to whether your book will be submitted. The sizes of some of those prizes would make it feel more like winning a lottery-but they're given out, and if you qualify, your name should be in the hat. It's good for book sales, and general publicity. And possibly for your pocketbook as well.

The more places we can submit our work, the better we all become.

Hope you are having a wonderful writing year.

Many thanks for your support.


ISBN: 9781894747639 | WMPub#1212 | 8" x 11" | 80 pages stapled | $14.95


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