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White Mountain Publications is a small Northern Ontario press having published over 300 titles over the years, specializing in non-fiction and especially local histories. Our store at 50 Silver Street, Cobalt, Ontario offers our current titles and a large selection of gently pre-loved books for your reading pleasure.

COVID-19 Announcement

In accordance with Ontario government's decree, we will be CLOSED to walk-in traffic for the next while. As always, we are available here and will probably be dependent on online sales to get through this difficult time in our history.

To that end, we may be at the store filling orders re-arranging shelves, catching up on accounting and typesetting our newest books. If you would rather pick up books, we can arrange for you to do so. If you would rather use your credit card with a person instead of online, call me. 705-679-5555 or 1-800-258-5451 if it's long distance for you. The toll-free line works across Canada and the USA.

We also now have gift cards available from the website.

Be well. Be safe.

And thank you for your support.

Store Holiday Hours

ORDERING INFORMATION: This site's online ordering system has been changed, For those who are used to seeing our orange PayPal buttons, they are replaced with a cleaner, boxed order buttons. You can still use PayPal, but you'll have additional debit and credit options as well. Orders can also be handled over the phone (1-800-258-5451) or by mail as well. We thank you for your patience during this transition.

For more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the store, go here; for general FAQ about the company, go here. If you know the title, use this list. If you know the genre, use this list. The new Search option above may be helpful. If you are searching by subject, topic or author on this site, use this link Google Search of this website. Then add your search words after the website, and it will restrict your search to this website instead of getting lost in the internet. Of course if you want to do that, that's fine also.

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2020

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2020. SHIPPING NOW! 2020 edition ebook formats available.

Our Features and Upcoming Releases are below, as are the current Favorites.


Features & New Releases

Cal Taylor The War Years Airy Somethings -Horatio Barber No Poverty Between the Sheets
A Place Called Krugerdorf Stephen Lafricain, The Grand Old Man of the River Steep Rock
Immigrant in Porcupine and His Later Journal The Sterling Women of Cobalt 1903-1914 My Good Times With Stompin' Tom


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