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White Mountain Publications is a small Northern Ontario press having published over 350 titles over the years, specializing in non-fiction and especially local histories. Our store at 50 Silver Street, Cobalt, Ontario offers our current titles and a large selection of gently pre-loved books for your reading pleasure.

Open Again

Cautious but not paranoid, we are open again. It's a small store, and in the past six (now going on seven!) years I can count on six fingers the times there were more than 5 people in the store at one time. Usually it's ones and twos, so there's space. We want you to be comfortable. We have always wiped down screens, debit terminals, counters, so this is not a new protocol. It just happens more often now. Any of the pre-loved books going into our shelves are cleaned before they find their new (temporary) home. The new books are coming straight from the printers. No one is coming here to eat off the floors, and it's not a hospital. But it's as safe as we can make it, for both of us.

Be well. Be safe. And again, thank you for your support.

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ORDERING INFORMATION: This site's online ordering system has been changed to cleaner, boxed order buttons. You can use PayPal, debit or credit options. Orders can also be handled over the phone (1-800-258-5451) or by mail as well. We thank you for your patronage, especially during this difficult year.

For more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the store, go here; for general FAQ about the company, go here. If you know the title, use this list. If you know the genre, use this list. The new Search option above may be helpful. If you are searching by subject, topic or author on this site, use this link Google Search of this website. Then add your search words after the website, and it will restrict your search to this website instead of getting lost in the internet. Of course if you want to do that, that's fine also.

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2021

Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar 2021.
2021 Print edition SHIPPING NOW.
The 2021 ebook versions are now available.
2020 ebook formats will remain available until Dec 31, 2020, so make sure you're ordering the year you want.


Our Features and Upcoming Releases are below, as are the current Favorites.

Features & New Releases

Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot Mining in Temagami Serving the North, The George Taylor Hardware Story
Silver and Ghosts Stephen Lafricain, The Grand Old Man of the River Airy Somethings -Horatio Barber
Steep Rock Immigrant in Porcupine and His Later Journal The Sterling Women of Cobalt 1903-1914


The Winter Men II

The Winter Men II ~into the Deep Dark by Brit Griffin.

The Winter Men III

The Winter Men III ~At The End of the World by Brit Griffin

No Poverty Between the Sheets

No Poverty Between The Sheets by Pauline Kiely. Spanning four generations, readers are treated to this witty family saga.


Cobalt, The Cradle of Hard Rock Mining in Canada   Temiskaming Treasure Trails set

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