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African Destiny

1029  African Destiny by Eleanor Harding. Pioneer Susan Harding's story as told through letters and her mother's perspective. $19.95

Age of Steam on Lake Temiskaming

The Age of Steam on Lake Temiskaming by Bruce W Taylor, a history of the great steam boats that opened northern Ontario. $24.95

Agricultural Temiskaming

7973  Agricultural Temiskaming 1910 A reprint of the 1910 book used to draw settlers to Temiskaming.  $20.00

Angus Shops

1130  Angus Shops by Michael Leduc. The history of Canadian Pacific Railway's Angus Shops, one of the best known railway works in Canadian history, the life of which spanned almost nine decades of the twentieth century.$14.95

Anthems for Earth

1125  Anthems for Earth poems from Michael Fitzgerald. $11.95

Arising From The Mist

1096  Arising From The Mist NOPC Vol 17-2012 by Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Aspire to Excellence

1011  Aspire to Excellence by Maboubé Maher-Hielscher- a Bahá'í deepening text.  $19.95

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