White Mountain Publications Book List in Alphabetical Order

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Fidelio The Faithful Cat

1066  Fidelio The Faithful Cat by Lini R. Grol $5.95

Flashing On All Facets

1137  Flashing on all Facets Poetry by Alan Pearson $11.95

Fortune's Fool

8090  Fortune's Fool A murder mystery by Terry Cassidy. May, 1993: Karen Everett walks into Wally Demchuk's sound editing shop, and his life changes abruptly. Entwined with their romance is Karen's determination to gain compensation for the pain of a loveless marriage, and Wally's decision to prove his love with help in a criminal conspiracy. However, complications soon elevate the caper into a dangerous game involving murder, double-cross and a desperate struggle to keep love alive in a growing atmosphere of distrust. $19.95

Forty Years of Memories

8075  Forty Years of Memories ~The Earlton Steam Show Compiled by Earlton Steam Show Committee $25.00

From A Nurse's Diary

1073  From a Nurse's Diary Poetry by Lini R. Grol $6.95

From Romance to Reality

1192  From Romance to Reality ~Stories of Canadian WW II War Brides by Peggy O'Hara. A collection of stories told by the World War II war brides themselves who came to Canada from Britain and Holland. $19.95

From the Land of the Moose

1318  From the Land of the Moose by 2018 NOPC Northern Ontario Poets. $8.95

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