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1343  Gabby by André Maheu. Gabby doesn’t know how to stop talking. He keeps finding himself in situations that should be devastating and yet manages to somehow keep going

Set historically in New Liskeard of 1916 through 1918, Gabby is a fictional character interacting with real people and places of that time. He winds his way through New Liskeard and World War I, meeting many famous people of that time with hilarious results. $29.95

Giachino's -Cobalt puzzle

2990  Giachino's a Cobalt puzzle from the Cobalt Historical Society $30.00

Gilles Depot

1189  Gillies Depot ~A Temiskaming Journal a history of South Temiskaming's Gillies region (Coleman Township) by Peter Fancy $49.95

The Glen

1136  The Glen a history of the Westmount rail yard (Montreal, QC) by Michael Leduc $15.00

Trethewey Story

1228  Go Ahead Or Go Home, The Trethewey Story by Daphne Sleigh. A history of five generations of the Trethewey family—colourful and action-loving men and women with their fair share of "characters" among them. They originally made their name in the lumber industry, owning large sawmills and numerous logging operations in the Fraser Valley. They were not only lumbermen, but ranchers, inventors, land speculators and—above all — mine owners. $32.50

Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot

1120  Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot ~Family Memories and Movies by William Ronald Mitchell. Ron's book is as much a history of aviation as it is a family history, one of the best collections of bushplane photos. $24.95

Great Fire of 1922

1245/1246  The Great Fire of 1922, A Centennial Retrospective by Deborah Ranchuk for the Haileybury Heritage Museum.The Great Fire of 1922 left an indelible mark on the history of the Temiskaming area. The devastation made it one of the ten worst disasters in Canadian history. On this 100th anniversary of the fire, this book preserves the memories of that historic event, mainly from the first person accounts of the survivors. Available in Hard Cover as well as soft cover. HC: $79.95; SC: $49.95

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