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Harley Township, Through The Years

7976  Harley Township, Through The Years by the Centennial Committee.History of Harley Township Through the Years was compiled by some of the organizers of the 100 year celebration. Topics include the development of the township, the hamlets located in the township, and many family stories including Alderdice, Connelly, Connors, Cragg, Dewar, Dickinson, Doupe, Gannon, Goddard, Hermeston, Jackson, Kirkey, Loach, Mackewn, Middleton, Newton, Peddie, Peebles, and many more. $30.00

The Healing Trees

1031  The Healing Trees: The Edible and Herbal Qualities of Northeastern Woodland Trees by Robbie Hanna Anderman. The Healing Trees is the essential guidebook, organized in an easy to use format. This book is the ABCs of Trees of northeastern North America and, as such, should be in every schoolroom, household, and library of northeastern America, until the facts herein come to be known by heart. $30.00

Highway Book Shop

1033  Highway Book Shop ~Northern Ontario's Unexpected Treasure. by Lois Pollard. A history of this unique book store in Ontario's northland. Also available as EBook. $37.95

History of Harley

7975  History of Harley Township 1904-1985 Incorporated in 1904, this history of Harley Township outlined the land ownership over the years, the schools, churches, and families up to 1985.There are minutes from municipal meetings and quite a large selection of family histories included. $14.95 LIMITED NUMBER LEFT

History of Hilliard

7975  History of Hilliard 1910-2004 Information on the settlement and homesteading, lumbering, agricultural development, schools, lot history and quotes from the people of Hilliard Township. $30.00

Horizons North

1084  Horizons North ~NOPC Vol. 5 (2000) by Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Hough Lake and Beyond

1084  Hough Lake and Beyond by Ron Bailey. Hough Lake and Beyond is a collection of events that occurred in the life of Ron Bailey who was raised in Hough Lake, Ontario. He left the area in his late teens then returned 20 years later with his wife Anne to raise their children. This book complements many of the events mentioned in his first book I’d Do Most Of It Again. $14.95 Also available in ebook formats.

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