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Key Valley Railway

1014  Key Valley Railway The Railroad that Ran to a River … and Stopped by Craig Dunn. Also available as EBook $15.95

Kerns Township

7974  Kerns Township The history of the township and the history of each farm in Kerns Township is included. $30.00

Kerns Township

1146  Kipawa: Portrait of a People This history of Kipawa, a Native community in northern Quebec as told by Kermot Moore, a Métis of Nishnabi (Ojibwa) descent who grew up there. Changes wrought by the fur trade, lumbering and tourism are described in detail. In a hard-hitting style, Mr. Moore shows how traplines and the new tourist zoning systems have displaced the Native, disrupting their traditional livelihood of trapping and forcing them on to the farm or into the factory. Native methods of game conservation are described, as are the land issues that brought the community to stage a blockade on one of the main highways in 1979. For anyone concerned with Native issues, this book should be required reading. $19.95 Also available in ebook formats.

Kirkland Lake Nostalgia

1167  Kirkland Lake Nostalgia, More Than Buildings by June Simpson. In honour of Kirkland Lake's 100th anniversary in 2019, June selects her paintings of some of the old buildings in Kirkland Lake, adds a bit of their history, and assembled this wonderful little book. $12.95

A Place Called Krugerdorf

A Place Called Krugerdorf by Herb Kruger. The development and the decline of many, in fact most, of the communities that sprang up in New Ontario in the early 1900s is evident wherever one travels throughout the north. The chosen area for this narrative about the four corners of the township's Pacaud, Catherine, Marter and Chamberlain that became a place called Krugerdorf in 1907, is one of many that could be told of the 'rise and fall' of these settlements. $18.95

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