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Magic Gifts

1069  Magic Gifts by Lini R Grol Three short Christmas stories together in one hard cover book with those fabulous scissor cut graphics make a wonderful short story collection. $10.00

Milberta School

1221  Memories From Milberta Alexander Memorial United Church by Jim Runnalls. Includes history of Milberta and the church. Many photos of past members of the congregation and a complete list of the past ministers. $18.00

Milberta School

7958  Milberta School, S. S. # 1A Kerns Township 1900-1961 researched and compiled by Sherron (Jibb) Lloyd for a 60 year reunion in 2001. $18.00

Mining in Temagami

1153  Mining in Temagami A History of Discovery, Development and Production by Dustin Roy. Dustin collects the information about past mining activities throughout the Municipality of Temagami in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. Maps, diagrams and beautiful colour photos bring this history to the forefront. $24.95

Mirrors of Stone

1153  Mirrors of Stone: Fragments from the Porcupine Frontier by Charlie Angus and Louie Palu. Delves into the many ethnic cultures that thrived in the mining areas of Northern Ontario from the 1920s to the 1960s. $24.95

Missing in Cobalt

1152  Missing in Cobalt by Terry Cassidy. Fiction. A murdered girl's body was found in an abandoned Cobalt silver mine in 1949. Forty-five years later James Thorpe, a retired journalist, finds he has to re-create his past in order to solve the puzzle of what happened to his family in the aftermath of that discovery. Also Available as an EBook. $14.95

Moments in Time

1092  Moments in Time NOPC Vol. 13 (2008) by Northern Ontario Poets $7.95

Montreal's First Railway

1131  Montreal's First Railway by Michael Leduc. Montreal became the headquarters of the first three railways in Canada between 1836 and 1847. $14.95

Montreal Railway Terminals

1129  Montreal Railway Terminals by Michael Leduc. A look at the convergence of the various railway terminals in the Montreal area into the two main centres: Central Station Complex and the Windsor Station. $14.95

Moose Factory Cree

1147  Moose Factory Cree by Daisy Turner. Return of a much-loved introduction to Cree syllabics. Includes two CDs with pronunciation. $34.95

Mud Muskeg and Mosquitoes

1149  Mud, Muskeg & Mosquitoes ~The Life and Legacy of a Northern Ontario Pioneer, by Diane Armstrong. Paperback ($19.95) Also available as Hardcover ($32.95) and in EBook formats

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