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Oblin's Puzzle

2991  Oblin's Cash & Carry Grocery a puzzle from the Cobalt Historical Society. $30.00


8107  Obliteration, When Cultures Collide in North Ontario a novel by Brian C Mitchell. Set in Northern Ontario in the fictional town of Matamiskin, troubled teen Ben Thomson experiences the pain of growing up in an isolated rural village where ignorance, racism and violence threaten the most vulnerable—indigenous and white. $18.75

The Old Mission

1108  The Old Mission by Florent Héroux. Located down the scenic Lorrain Valley Way at the Narrows on Lake Temiskaming, the Old Mission is a historic site. This book is a real source of knowledge about the Mission and people of the era 1863 to 1887 around Lake Temiskaming, Lorrain Valley and upstream on the mighty Montreal River. Also available in French. $32.00

Old Silos Wind Mills and Grist Mills

1168  Old Silos, Wind Mills & Grist Mills by Dave Hanes. This pictorial books comes about from countless trips across Ontario, into New York State, the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, northern Vermont, part of Maine, New Hampshire and into Canada's Atlantic Provinces. $27.95

Only A Cairn Remains

1030  Only A Cairn Remains The Story of the Settlement of Reesor 1925-1967 by Karin Seidemann. $8.95 Now also available in Ebook formats.

ONR Station Cobalt

2994  Ontario Northland Railway Station a puzzle from the Cobalt Historical Society. $30.00

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