White Mountain Publications Book List in Alphabetical Order

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Personal Pathway to Spiritual Growth

1020  Personal Pathway for Spiritual Growth by David & Carol Bowie. A reflection on the UHJ's letter concerning personal growth. Also available as an Ebook. $4.50

Photographing The Past

1062  Photographing the Past by Dave Hanes. Photographs, primarily in the Bancroft area, capturing some of Ontario's pioneer past. $24.95

New Liskeard's First 100 Years

7983  A Pictorial Visit of New Liskeard's First 100 Years 1903-2003 Compiled by Elizabeth and Harold Hie. Photos of the past and present of buildings, schools, hospitals, homes, floods, sports and more. $49.95

Pioneer Days in Old Ontario

1064  Pioneer Days in Old Ontario by Dave Hanes. A collection of beautiful photographs chronicling some of Ontario's pioneer past. $24.95

A Pioneer Ministry

A Pioneer Ministry St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, New Liskeard, Ontario Centennial History 1895-1995 by Bruce W. Taylor. Limited number of copies left.

Place Names of Temiskaming

1001  Place Names of Temiskaming by Bruce W. Taylor. Explains the origin and a little of the history of most of the communities that have ever existed in Temiskaming. Includes maps. Also available as an Ebook.$14.95

Plaunt Family of Renfrew

1002  Plaunt Family of Renfrew by Bruce W Taylor. A family history spanning twelve generations that reaches into the roots of Ontario, north and south. Also available as an Ebook. $14.95

The Pleasant Summer Sun

1195  The Pleasant Summer Sun by Muriel Newton-White. The second of three in her autobiographical account of childhood in the 1930s $9.95

Pogamasing, The Story of a Northern Lake by Andy Thomson

1171  Pogamasing, The Story of a Northern Lake by Andy Thomson. Supported by original archival research and over 100 photographs, maps and illustrations, this story of Pog is enlivened by fascinating first-hand accounts of life in the bush from the intrepid people who have ventured and lived there. $29.95

Point St. Charles Shops

1128  Point St. Charles Shops by Michael Leduc. A history of the railway facility at the Point in Montreal. $14.95

Polestar Visions

1081  Polestar Visions ~NOPC Vol. 2 (1997) by Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Preacher's Book At Rupert House

7908  The Preacher's Book at Rupert House 1902-1911 by James Scanlon. A history through the eyes of James Scanlon of the missionary post at Rupert House, 1902-1911 $19.95

The Prison of Self

1148  The Prison of Self by Verna J Bryan. From her diary of teaching experiences to inmates at the Niagara Regional Detention Centre. Also available as an Ebook $15.95

Private Soldier

1154  Private Soldier by Terry Cassidy. Based on a factual narrative of an infantry battalion in the 4th Canadian Armoured Division in World War II. Also available as an Ebook $11.95

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