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Personal Pathway to Spiritual Growth

1020  Personal Pathway for Spiritual Growth by David & Carol Bowie. A reflection on the UHJ's letter concerning personal growth. Also available as an Ebook. $4.50

Photographing The Past

1062  Photographing the Past by Dave Hanes. Photographs, primarily in the Bancroft area, capturing some of Ontario's pioneer past. $24.95

New Liskeard's First 100 Years

7983  A Pictorial Visit of New Liskeard's First 100 Years 1903-2003 Compiled by Elizabeth and Harold Hie. Photos of the past and present of buildings, schools, hospitals, homes, floods, sports and more. $49.95

Pioneer Days in Old Ontario

1064  Pioneer Days in Old Ontario by Dave Hanes. A collection of beautiful photographs chronicling some of Ontario's pioneer past. $24.95

A Pioneer Ministry

A Pioneer Ministry St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, New Liskeard, Ontario Centennial History 1895-1995 by Bruce W. Taylor. Limited number of copies left.

A Place Called Krugerdorf

A Place Called Krugerdorf by Herb Kruger. The development and the decline of many, in fact most, of the communities that sprang up in New Ontario in the early 1900s is evident wherever one travels throughout the north. The chosen area for this narrative about the four corners of the township's Pacaud, Catherine, Marter and Chamberlain that became a place called Krugerdorf in 1907, is one of many that could be told of the 'rise and fall' of these settlements. $18.95

Place Names of Temiskaming

1001  Place Names of Temiskaming by Bruce W. Taylor. Explains the origin and a little of the history of most of the communities that have ever existed in Temiskaming. Includes maps. Also available as an Ebook.$14.95

Plaunt Family of Renfrew

1002  Plaunt Family of Renfrew by Bruce W Taylor. A family history spanning twelve generations that reaches into the roots of Ontario, north and south. Also available as an Ebook. $14.95

The Pleasant Summer Sun

1195  The Pleasant Summer Sun by Muriel Newton-White. The second of three in her autobiographical account of childhood in the 1930s $9.95

Pogamasing, The Story of a Northern Lake by Andy Thomson

1171  Pogamasing, The Story of a Northern Lake by Andy Thomson. Supported by original archival research and over 100 photographs, maps and illustrations, this story of Pog is enlivened by fascinating first-hand accounts of life in the bush from the intrepid people who have ventured and lived there. $29.95

Polestar Visions

1081  Polestar Visions ~NOPC Vol. 2 (1997) by Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Preacher's Book At Rupert House

7908  The Preacher's Book at Rupert House 1902-1911 by James Scanlon. A history through the eyes of James Scanlon of the missionary post at Rupert House, 1902-1911 $19.95

The Prison of Self

1148  The Prison of Self by Verna J Bryan. From her diary of teaching experiences to inmates at the Niagara Regional Detention Centre. Also available as an Ebook $15.95

Private Soldier

1154  Private Soldier by Terry Cassidy. Based on a factual narrative of an infantry battalion in the 4th Canadian Armoured Division in World War II. Also available as an Ebook $11.95

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