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Scripted Inspirations

1095  Scripted Inspirations NOPC Vol. 16 (2011) by Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Scissors Craft

1070  Scissors Craft by Lini R Grol, A How-to book on scissor cutting exquisite illustrations $12,00 -Hard Cover

Scissors Craft

1071  Scissors Craft by Lini R Grol, A How-to book on scissor cutting exquisite illustrations $10.00 -Soft Cover

Secrets in the Snow

1138  Secrets in the Snow--The Search for the Stolen Silver by Paul Bateman. An engaging mystery about missing silver, the power of dreamland symbols, the internet, and a group of curious youth out to solve this mystery. $11.95

Selected Chapters of Temiskaming Heritage

7931  Selected Chapters of Temiskaming Heritage the proceedings from the 2017 Symposium of the Cobalt Historical Society. $15

Selected Chapters of Temiskaming Heritage

7932  Selected Chapters of Temiskaming Heritage Chapter Two 2019. The proceedings from the 2019 Symposium of the Cobalt Historical Society. $15

Serving The North

1322  Serving The North The George Taylor Hardware Story by Bruce W. Taylor. The history of this northern Ontario hardware chain instrumental in the building of northern Ontario in the early 1900s. This small local hardware store grew into one of the largest wholesale hardware merchants in Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec. Also available as an EBook $19.95

Signatures Amid the Green

1080  Signatures Amid the Green - NOPC Vol.1 (1996) by Northern Ontario Poets. Also available as an EBook $5.95

Silent Thoughts and Silhouettes

1078  Silent Thoughts & Silhouettes-by Lini R Grol. Hard Cover $12.00

Silver and Gold

8893  Silver & Gold A Pictorial Souvenir of the Mines of Northern Ontario, A reprint from Cobalt Historical Society $10.00

Silver and Ghosts

1331  Silver and Ghosts Creepy Cobalt and Region by Andrew Hind. Join author and historian Andrew Hind on a journey to Cobalt's haunted side, where the ethereal residents are unrestrained by mortal bonds. $24.95

Silver Centre

1332  Silver Centre the Story of an Ontario Mining Camp by Peter Fancy. Reprinted from the original 1985 edition. The story follows in detail the mining prospectors of l907: their silver discoveries; the early mines; their successes and failures; the depressing World War I years; then rebirth with the mother lode discovery of 1920 and its climactic decade of phenomenal silver treasure; finally, the inevitable exhaustion of known deposits. $24.95

Silver Miller Mine puzzle

1191  Silver Centre Rediscovered by Peter Fancy. Follows in detail the leaseholding years during the 1930s in the Cobalt and area mining camp. $24.95

Silver Miller Mine puzzle

2996  Silver Miller Mine as it was photographed circa 1950. A CHS puzzle $30.00

Sketches in Script

1083  Sketches in Script - NOPC Vol.4 (1999) by Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Slices of Temiskaming

1054  Slices of Temiskaming Laura Landers takes you on a delightful journey in her own words and illustrations throughout Temiskaming and surrounding area. $24.95


1197  Snowbug by Yvon Gauthier a book on the first snowmobile to be made~Sudbury, ON $29.95

Solid On The Rock

8954  Solid on the Rock A Century of Memories at St. James' Anglican Church Cobalt, Ontario by Shirley Gilson and Patsy Taylor $19.95

The Song Will Always Return

8936  The Song Will Always Return poetry by Toronto's Mike Moran. $9.95

Soyez assures

1023  Soyez assurés (en français--in French) An encouraging compilation of Bahá'í Writings prepared by the Continental Board of Counsellors for the Americas. Available in EBook formats. $2.00

Spiritual Intelligence

1038  Spiritual Intelligence A Practical Guide to Personal Happiness by Khalil Khavari. The original book of its kind outlining ways to balance mind, body and soul. Also available as EBook $19.95

Spiritual Survival

1028  Spiritual Survival Selected Bahá'í Writings Concerning Tests and Difficulties. Compiled by Jonathan Dixon. Trade paperback, also in ebook formats. $19.95

Spitting From High Places

1024  Spitting From High Places by Verna Bednarski. Great story about a group of women who trek across Canada in close quarters. $18.95

Standing Strong NOPC Vol 12

1091  Standing Strong~NOPC Vol. 12 (2007) by Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Steep Rock

Steep Rock ~The Men and The Mines by Bruce W. Taylor. Steep Rock, The Men and the Mines is a comprehensive history of the very exciting development of the Steep Rock iron deposits near Atikokan, Ontario. This second edition of the original published in 1978, provides an enduring account of this massive enterprise. $14.95 Also available in ebook formats.

Stephen Lafricain, The Grand Old Man of the River

1157  Stephen Lafricain, The Grand Old Man of the River by Bruce W. Taylor. Stephen Lafricain was born in 1837, and in his 99 years witnessed much history in both Canada and the United States, including treaty signing, the decline of the fur trade, the opening of northeastern Ontario to great mineral wealth. Well worth the read, and the history. $14.95

The Sterling Women of Cobalt

1351  The Sterling Women of Cobalt 1903-1914 by Debra B North. Preserving the untold stories of the early women in Cobalt, The Sterling Women of Cobalt delves into the lives of more than 45 women who came to Cobalt from various parts of the world between 1903 and 1914. $37.95

Stepping Towards Joy

8051  Stepping Towards Joy A Life in Changing Times by Lois Pollard. An autobiography of the first 64 years of her life before coming to the Highway Book Shop.

Study Guide to the Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah

1016  Study Guide for the Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh by Mark Miller. A guide to the study of this incredible 'little book'. $24.95

The Summer of 1956~a hot summer in the Cold War by Harry Kleinhuis have Kenny, Bobby and Jake caught up in a clandestine supply run for the Cold War radar stations when they become a a little too curious at the North Bay airport. Adventure, survival, and their reliance on one another make it the summer they will never forget, and really can't talk about either. $11.95

Sunset NOPC Vol 14

1093  Sunset ~NOPC Vol. 14 (2009) by Northern Ontario Poets $7.95

The Sunset and the Morning

1196  The Sunset and the Morning by Muriel Newton-White. The third of three in her autobiographical account of childhood in the 1930s $9.95

Survival Strategies

1199  Survival Strategies by David Dehaas. A handy book to include in your emergency preparedness kit for easy reference. $14.95

Sylvan Jottings NOPC #11

1090  Sylvan Jottings ~NOPC Vol. 11 (2006) by Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

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