White Mountain Publications Book List in Alphabetical Order

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Walking Mountain

8091  Walking Mountain A novel by Terry Cassidy set in 1903 when one terrifying night ninety million tons of rock descend on a British Columbia town. $14.95

Wanapitei Canoe Trippers Cookbook 3

1056  Wanapitei Canoe Trippers Cookbook III Nutritious Wilderness Cooking for Fun, the Environment, and You by Carol Hodgins. The long-awaited revision and re-print of the Wanapitei canoe Trippers' Cookbooks. Camping strategies, great and easy food preparation and recipes for the canoe trip. Advice on almost everything you will need for your trip. $24.95

They Lived A Life and Then Some

1159  We Lived A Life And Then Some The Life, Death and Life of a Mining Town by Charlie Angus and Brit Griffin. Based on in-depth oral interviews with local residents, and rich archival sources, We Lived A Life and Then Some relates the common person's struggle to overcome harsh working conditions and government neglect. The unique culture of the hardrock mining town of Cobalt is exposed through the eyes of retired miners, young welfare mothers, and grade-school children. Angus and Griffin reveal why, in spite of great adversity, Cobalt remains a distinctive and cohesive working-class community. $19.95

We Were There-McCool School

7979  We Were There McCool School, Kerns Township Memories from a reunion in August 1992. Reprint by Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum. $18.00

What Are You Doing Here

8085  What Are You Doing Here? by Walter Mittler. An autobiography of a Austrian World War II survivor. Also available in Ebook formats. $23.95

Whispering Words NOPC Vol 8

1087  Whispering Words -NOPC Vol. 8 (2003) by Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

The Winter Men

1166  The Winter Men by Brit Griffin. A taut thriller set in a post-apocalyptic Northern Ontario darkened by permanent winter. $19.95

The Winter Men II

1169  The Winter Men II ~Into The Deep Dark by Brit Griffin. Another thriller in Griffin's eco-catastrophic adventure series taking readers on a thrilling ride through a dystopic north, with a gang of strange characters fuelled by adrenalin and gut instincts. Johnny Slaught and his ragtag group of climate change refugees are just trying to survive in a north plunged into endless winter. $22.95

Write Soon and Often

Write Soon and Often, The Story of a Bomber Pilot Through His Letters Home by Andy Thomson. The story of World War II pilot Donald Plaunt re-created through his extensive letters and enriched by interviews with family and comrades makes this a unique biography of the uncle he never knew. $24.95

Writing in Brief

1141  Writing in Brief by Michael Fitzgerald offers guidelines for better creative writing and magazine nonfiction. A condensed course in effective writing, suitable for individual, workshop, or class room study. $5.00 Also available in Ebook formats.

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