Self-Help Books


Leadership Creating a Positive Work Environment by Gisèle Chrétien. Effective methods to relieve stress, become effective in your work and have a workplace people are proud to call their own.$14.95

Moose Factory Cree

Moose Factory Cree by Daisy Turner. Return of a much-loved introduction to Cree syllabics. Includes 2 CDs with pronunciation. $32.95

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence~A Practical Guide for Personal Happiness by Khalil Khavari. Human happiness is founded upon spiritual behavior. Spiritual Intelligence empowers you to assert self-control and achieve personal happiness. The original book of its kind outlining ways to balance mind, body and soul. $24.95

Women's Talk

Women's Talk by Florence Conway. Conway speaks directly to women, urging, enabling and empowering them to don the mantle as catalysts of change. $12.95

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