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Our Regular Fine Series of Poetry Books

Anthems for Earth

Anthems for Earth by Michael Fitzgerald $11.95


Chronos - Poems for the Bahá'&iuacute; Calendar by Michael Fitzgerald $6.50

Davf's Notes

Davf's Notes stories and poetry by Leslie Belland, more commonly known as 'Dafvy' $11.95 Available as EBook

A Distance Covered

A Distance Covered by Elizabeth Fitzgerald $11.95

Exploring Amazement

Exploring Amazement A collection from highly regarded poet Alan Pearson. $11.95

Flashing on all Facets

Flashing on all Facets poetry from Muskoka's Alan Pearson $11.95

From A Nurse's Diary

From A Nurse's Diary by Lini Grol $6.95

The Ink of Light

The Ink of Light by Patricia Abram $11.95


Mothers by Lini Grol $5.95

Musings -TDSS

New Era Symphony new poetry by Michael Fitzgerald $11.95

Northern Treasures

Northern Treasures by poet laureate Ann Margetson of Cobalt. $7.95

Norther Troubadour

Northern Troubadour The Songs and Poems of Jim Sargent $11.95

Silent Thoughts & Silhouettes

Silent Thoughts & Silhouettes-soft cover by Lini Grol $10.00

Silent Thoughts & Silhouettes

Silent Thoughts & Silhouettes- by Lini Grol hard cover $12.00

The Song Will Always Return

The Song Will Always Return from Toronto's Mike Moran $9.95

Work Songs

Work Songs--Poems to Celebrate Work by Michael Fitzgerald $11.95

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Northern Ontario Poetry Collections

Signatures Amid the Green  NOPC 1 1996

Signatures Amid the Green NOPC Volume 1 1996 Northern Ontario Poets $5.95 EBook

Polestar Visions NOPC 2 1997

Polestar Visions NOPC Volume 2 1997 Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Verses Dancing

Verses Dancing NOPC- Volume 3 1998 Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Sketches in Script

Sketches in Script NOPC- Volume 4 1999 Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Horizons North

Horizons North NOPC- Volume 5 2000 Northern Ontario Poets $5.95

Northern Hues

Northern Hues NOPC- Volume 6 2001 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Northern Ink

Northern Ink NOPC- Volume 7 2002 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Whispering Words

Whispering Words NOPC- Volume 8 2003 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Exclamations in Ink

Exclamations in Ink NOPC- Volume 9 2004 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Ten Pines

Ten Pines NOPC- Volume 10 2005 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Sylvan Jotting

Sylvan Jottings NOPC- Volume 11 2006 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Standing Strong

Standing Strong NOPC- Volume 12 2007 Northern Ontario Poets $6.95

Moments in Time

Moments in Time NOPC- Volume 13 2008 Northern Ontario Poets $7.95


Sunset NOPC- Volume 14 2009 Northern Ontario Poets $7.95

Cloudy Skies, Clear Thoughts

Cloudy Skies, Clear Thoughts NOPC- Volume 15 2010 Northern Ontario Poets $7.95

Scripted Inspirations

Scripted Inspirations NOPC- Volume 16 2011 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Arising From The Mists

Arising From The Mists NOPC- Volume 17 2012 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Spirits in Stone

Spirits in Stone NOPC- Volume 18 2013 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Northern Ontario Speaks

Northern Ontario Speaks NOPC- Volume 19 2014 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Twenty Years

Twenty Years NOPC- Volume 20 2015 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Twenty Years

Many Northern Voices Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Bards From the Bush

Bards From the Bush NOPC- Volume 22, 2017 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

From the Land of the Moose

From the Land of the Moose NOPC- Volume 23, 2018 Northern Ontario Poets $8.95

Drummond Poetry Collections


Legacy -Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry Contest Winners 2007-2008 Canadian Poets $6.95


Expressions -Dr. William Henry Drummond Poetry 2009 Contest Winners Canadian Poets $6.95