Angus Shops

Angus Shops by Michael Leduc. Canadian Pacific opened its famed Angus Shops in Montreal in 1904. There, CP built and maintained steam locomotives of various types. Also, passenger and freight cars were built and serviced at Angus. Diesel-electric locomotives were services and rebuilt at Angus.The history of Canadian Pacific Railway's Angus Shops, one of the best known railway works in Canadian history, the life of which spanned almost nine decades of the twentieth century. $14.95

The Glen

The Glen by Michael Leduc. Canadian Pacific opened its Windsor Station in Montreal in 1889. Within a few years its passenger services expanded beyond its facilities, thus, it created its passenger locomotive and car facilities two mile west at The Glen. Opened in 1906 the last train left in 2004. $14.95

Key Valley Railway

Key Valley Railway The Railroad that Ran to a River … and Stopped. by Craig Dunn. From about 1919 until 1935, being sixteen miles long, the railway connected to the CPR main line at Pakesley, ran on the north side of the Key River to Lost Channel on the Pickerel River, and stopped. $15.95 Also as EBook

Montreals First Railway

Montreal's First Railway by Michael Leduc. The first railway in Montreal was the Montreal and Lachine Rail-Road that began operations in 1847. Also, this was Canada's third railway. Eventually, this became part of the Canadian National. Montreal became the headquarters of the first three railways in Canada between 1836 and 1847. $14.95

Montreals Railway Terminals

Montreal Railway Terminals by Michael Leduc. A number of railways operated in Montreal since 1847 and through mergers and acquisitions they became either Canadian National or Canadian Pacific constituent companies. This is a history of how they evolved and eventually operated into one of the two remaining railway terminals in Montreal: Central Station Complex and the Windsor Station. $14.95

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