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Ebook titles in both Kindle and ePub formats.


Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

Bahá'í Titles

Bahá'í Titles -all categories listed on this page

Bahá'í Links of Interest

Bahá'í Quotes



Colour Pictorial Collections

Compilations and Study Guides

Self Help


Craft/How-To Books

Books for Writers

Histories Regional emphasis on Northeastern Ontario, also Niagara and Bancroft area



Poetry, including the Northern Ontario Poetry Collection

Youth and Children's Books

Cobalt Historical Society Puzzles

Puzzles listed on this page

Special Pre-Loved Books

Listed on this special page.

Book Lists

Our list of books in alphabetical order is here.

Our list of books by genre is here

Our list of books by the late Lini Grol are listed here.

Our Bahá'í titles are listed here.

The list of books we handle for the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum is here.

The list of books we have from the now-closed Highway Book Shop is here.

The list of books and puzzles we handle for the Cobalt Historical Society is here.

The former Temiskaming-Abitibi Heritage Association books are listed here.

The complete list of the Northern Ontario Poetry Competition titles are listed here.

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