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Bahá'í Calendar

Here is a You Tube explanation of the Badi Calendar

Nicholas Sanders has developed a Badi Calendar based on the Universal House of Justice letter and it is available for free download and distribution here. [Feb 23, 2015; version.6]

Badi Calendar ics file. [Feb 23, 2015; version.6]

"I have made an .ics file containing all the data published by the House of Justice for the Badi Calendar, starting at Naw-Ruz 172 and running to the last day of 'Ala' 221. It will open in any compliant application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Calendar, and can be synchronized with iPads and iPhones (and presumably other tablets and mobile/cell phones) via the Cloud.

"Although I have been able to use a web application to make the .ics file, the task has nevertheless been a laborious one. It will therefore please me greatly if the file can be circulated as widely as possible, thereby avoiding any duplication of my individual effort; please consider it an early Ayyam-í-Há gift. I have done my best to check the file for errors, but to do so thoroughly would be to repeat the original work without any more guarantee that the corrected version is flawless. Individual corrections can be made within a given calendar application, but I shall be more than happy to receive notifications of errors so that my copy can be made as near perfect as possible." ~Nicholas Sanders

All thanks and suggestions can be made directly to Nicholas Sanders by email. We cannot take any responsibility for this file, its application or anything else. We are not qualified to advise you as to how to use it as we are still figuring that out ourselves. We simply offer a platform to assist the friends in its dissemination. For more information on .ics File Association, we found this site helpful:


Personal Pathway for Spiritual Growth

Personal Pathway to Spiritual Growth by David and Carol Bowie David & Carol's particular interests are the Covenant, the Ages and Epochs of the Faith, the Majestic Process, the development of the institutions of the Faith, particularly the National Convention, the Local Spiritual Assembly and the Nineteen Day Feast, the equality of men and women, Bahá'í elections, the relationship of the individual to the community, pioneering and travel teaching. They bring their experience and vision to this exploration of the Universal House of Justice's Six Requisites for Spiritual Growth, ensuring that it is both thought provoking and informed. Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Spiritual Survival

Spiritual Survival Selected Bahá'í Writings Concerning Tests and Difficulties Compiled by Jonathan Dixon. Indexed to help you find exactly what you need. Writings carefully chosen to bring matters into a clearer perspective. Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Study Guide

A Study Guide for the Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh by Mark Miller of the Maxwell International Bahá'í School. A Ruhi-style workbook used for an in-depth study of the Hidden Words.

Daily Obligatory Prayers

Daily Obligatory Prayers for Bahá'ís An inexpensive way to put the Obligatory Prayers into the hands of new believers immediately.Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Be Thou Assured

Be Thou Assured Compilation from the Bahá'í Writings prepared by the Continental Board of Counsellors in the Americas. Words of inspiration and encouragement. Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Soyez Assuré:s

Soyez Assurés Compilation des Écrits Bahá'ís préparée par le Corps continental des Conseillers pour les Amériques. Available in EPub and Kindle formats.


Prison of Self

Prison of Self by Verna J Bryan - from her diary of teaching experiences to inmates at the Niagara Regional Detention Centre Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

African Destiny

African Destiny by Eleanor Harding Her daughter's letters from her Bahá'í pioneering post in Zaire, and her own spiritual journey and experiences travelling to her daughter's chosen part of the world. Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence The balancing of emotion reason and spirituality in a splendid self-help book by Khalil Khavari Ph.D. (California, USA). In China, the Czech Republic, Poland, Indonesia and now Egypt. The first printing sold out, and the second printing is still available. Excellent book for balancing the components of your life along Bahá'í principles. Excellent for introducing those principles to those not as conversant with them. Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

This Side Up

This Side Up An autobiography by Robert Mazibuko. Robert served as an Xhosa translator from 1968 to 1987, as a member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of South Africa from 1975 to 1985 during some formative stages of the Faith in Africa. He captures memories of his time with Emeric and Rosemary Sala, Michael Sears and many others from this special time.

Women's Talk

Women's Talk Thought provoking look at the role of women in the light of the Bahá'í Faith by Florence Conway (Australia). Have we really come as far as we thought? How do male role models in the Faith affect us as women? Great reading.

Dreams,Nightmares and Dreams Again

Dreams, Nightmares, and Dreams Again by Angela Szepesi This autobiographical account by this extraordinary lady spans from the early days of World War II as the wife of a diplomat in Portugal, to her later years as a Bahá'í pioneer in Brazil, Martinique, and Canada.

Sparks of Faith

Sparks of Faith A collection of narratives by Kalil A. Khavari on the ways people who discovered the Bahá'í Faith over the years came to the realization they were part of an exciting new global transition in the maturing of the human race. Also available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Books for Children and Youth

Aspire to Excellence

Aspire to Excellence by Maboubé Mahler-Hielscher A Bahá'í primer for youth and beginning Bahá'ís. Now available in EPub and Kindle formats.


Anthems for Earth

Anthems for Earth by Michael Fitzgerald contains 73 folios of truly refreshing and inspirational nine-line poems in Michael's unique style and voice, celebrating the world, its hopes and dreams.


Chronos - Poems for the Bahá'í Calendar by Michael Fitzgerald A small collection of poems set to the themes presented by the nineteen months of the Bahá'í calendar, each of which signifies a name or attribute of God.

The Ink of Light

The Ink of Light by Patricia Abram. These poems speak to the mystical, seeing the sacred in the ordinary and opening the eye of perception. The section on "Women Bear Witness to the Light" is an incredible insight to how the manifestations might have appeared to the average person of their time. We read the poem witnessing the Báb on the Martrydom every year. Deceptively powerful poems.

New Era Symphony

New Era Symphony poetry by Michael Fitzgerald From one reviewer "I will be very pleased to see these poems available in print as they contribute valuable insights to a growing body of literature that illuminates how the Faith touches and informs contemporary life." Available in EPub and Kindle formats.

Work Songs

Work Songs --Poems to Celebrate Work by Michael Fitzgerald delights again in this 80 page poetry book dedicated to work as worship in all forms.