How To Order Our Books

Ordering Online

Shopping bag icon

On the pages for each book click on the buy-now buttons to add your choice(s) to the cart. When you have completed your selections, click on the shopping bag icon. Amend your order there, if necessary. Follow the check out instructions to complete your order.

Ordering By Phone or Mail

Now that we have the store, we also have the ability to process your order by credit card while you're on the phone with us during store hours, or leave a message and we'll phone back. Toll-free Canada/USA-wide: 1-800-258-5451 We do not keep the credit card information in any way, shape or form. The information is shredded immediately after use.

By mail: please call us and we will advise as to shipping and HST with a total for your order. Then you can choose to give a credit card over the phone (which is shredded immediately after use) OR send an Interac E-Transfer (Canadian banking system only), OR mail the cheque or money order to us. If you use the Interac E-transfer option, send us an email, or tell us on the phone what the answer to the security question is. We do not have autodeposit. If you include an email address, we will confirm your order's receipt by email. Otherwise, it will be processed and the invoice will be marked paid, and included with your order of books.

Return/Refund Policy

A return has only happened three times in the past 20 years, but we need to have a policy in place for Google. So here's what we came up with.

If you've ordered the wrong book, or don't want the one you've ordered and received, call us and let us know how you want to handle it, preferably as soon as possible (30-60 days max). Refunds go back in the way it was paid for in the first place. For returns the item should be the same condition in order to return it. We've never charged restocking fees, but shipping to return is possible. When or if you call, we usually figure this all out.

Bookstores, Wholesalers and Institutions

Please call, email or write for details.

As we evolve, we hope to add other conveniences. We thank you for your support.