How To Order Our Books


Call Us

Now that we have the store, we also have the ability to process your order by credit card while you're on the phone with us during store hours, or leave a message and we'll phone back. Toll-free Canada/USA-wide: 1-800-258-5451

Ordering online:

Shopping bag icon

On the pages for each book click on the buy-now buttons to add your choice(s) to the cart. When you have completed your selections, click on the shopping bag icon. Amend your order there, if necessary. Follow the check out instructions to complete your order.

Ordering By Mail

This PDF Order Form prints on one page. The mailing label is on a second page if you want to print that out. Mail the order form, and cheque or money order to us. If you include an email address, we will confirm your order's receipt by email. Otherwise, it will be processed and the invoice will be marked paid, and included with your order of books. Actually as long as we have the information, we're not fussy about what form it's on. As long as we can read it, and it has all the information we need to process your order and send you the book(s) you want, we're fine.

Ordering With Interac E-Transfer (Canadian banking system only)

Use the PDF mail-in Order Form to help you calculate the total after you have decided which titles you wish, add shipping costs and 5% HST (if in Canada) Then log in to your bank to do an Interac® electronic transfer. Send an email with your name, address, books requested, and the answer to the security question to our Order Desk. Your order will be confirmed by email as soon as it is processed, and a shipping date will be assigned.

Bookstores, Wholesalers and Institutions

Please call, email or write for details.

As we evolve, we hope to add other conveniences. We thank you for your support.